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Car: in-Car Phone Holders: Evo converter

Evo Converter from 6310i to Pop port phonesEvo Converter from 6310i to Pop port phones

The Evo Converter plugs directly into a CARK-91 (used by the Nokia 6310i, 6310, 6210, 6150, 5110) and allows the kit to work with the new Pop-Port phones that use an MBC-15S holder such as Nokia 6230, 7250i, 7250, 6820, 6100, 6220, 7210, 6610, 3200, 3100.

The Evo Converter will fit exactly in place of the 6310i holder so there is no need for new holes or brackets.


EVO Converter fitting service

Add a service visit here to have the EVO converter fitted by a qualified Engineer (UK only).

Note that the EVO converter can be fitted by the end user as it is not complex and there is no need to access hard to reach parts of the vehicle.

EVO Converter fitting service
£99.00 exc VAT
£116.33 inc VAT