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Nokia LPS-4 Inductive loopsetNokia LPS-4 Inductive loopset

The Nokia LPS-4 Inductive loopset is an easy-to-use portable loopset for users of T-coil equipped hearing aids.

When the phone is in use, a microphone built into the loopset picks up your voice, while the sound from the phone is converted into a low-power magnetic field by the loopset. This magnetic field is picked up by the T-coil in the hearing aid (the hearing aid must be set to T-mode) and coverted back into sound. By using inductive technology, the sound coming from the phone is amplified more efficiently and background noise is eliminated more effectively. Wireless GPS

Nokia LPS-4 Inductive loopset features:

  • Receives power from the phone, so it doesn't require batteries Integrated
  • Answer/End button for convenient operation
  • Automatic gain control to ensure an optimal audio level

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£42.51 exc VAT
£49.95 inc VAT

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