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Accessories: i-mate: PPC / PDA2: PPC In-Car Charger

I-mate PDA2 / Pocket PC In-Car ChargerI-mate PDA2 / Pocket PC In-Car Charger

Charge your i-mate PDA2 / Pocket PC / XDA II / Qtek 2020 in your car, using the cigarette lighter socket.

The PDA2 / PPC In-Car Charger keeps your i-mate PDA2 / PPC charged up with this convenient in-car charger. You'll never be low on battery while in the car.

The i-mate PDA2 / Pocket PC in-car charger is usefully used in conjunction with the Universal PDA Holder and is essential when used with a Bluetooth Car Kit such as the Parrot CK3100.

£5.84 exc VAT
£6.86 inc VAT