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PPC / PDA2 Cradle with USB cablePPC / PDA2 Cradle with USB cable

The Pocket PC / PDA2 Cradle Cradle offers you a quick-and-easy connection to your desktop PC via this USB cradle (USB connectivity required).

Transferring files and synchronising your schedule is a easy as slotting the PPC / PDA2 into the desk-top stand / cradle and a few click of the mouse.

The Pocket PC / PDA2 cradle also charges your battery while your i-mate PDA sits in the cradle. The USB power supply is used for this but you can also use the AC charger (not included in this pack) for extra power.

£21.03 exc VAT
£24.71 inc VAT

PPC / PDA2 Cradle with USB cable (14 day return)

As above, but the item was sold to a customer who retunred it. It is new and comes with a warranty but it is slightly marked.

PPC / PDA2 Cradle with USB cable (14 day return)
£11.03 exc VAT
£12.96 inc VAT