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Three Pay As You Go Features

With this SIM only offer, you get the same great Pay As You Go value, but without having to buy the phone. All of 3's standard pricing applies and depending on the phone chosen, customers will be able to access all of 3's other content, including games, goals and full length music videos.

If you have a video phone, you can even make video calls. These Cards can be used in your old 3 or 2G phones. Please note, to access any of 3's content or 3G Services, you will need to use this SIM in a 3 phone. If you use another phone they?ll have access to voice and text services only.

You get access to all this:

  • Great value rates: Any network, any time calls from as little as 5p a minute
  • WePay: 5p a minute credit back when you answer a call, and 2p for every text you get?
  • Flexibility: Cash Credit Top-ups start at just 10, to spend on any 3 services, and there's no expiry on them
  • Cool videos: There's loads of cool video stuff to play with, including music videos, football highlights, TV clips plus more, and it's free to browse
  • Windows Live Messenger
  • Port number: You can bring their existing Pay As You Go number with you!! (Contact 3 customer services)


GPRS Settings

The settings to use vary according which network you are on, and sometimes whether it is a contract or PAYG account. Note that you can normally use any POP3 mail server to receive your mail, no matter how you connect to the internet, but you can only use the SMTP server provided by the ISP you are connecting through (in this case your mobile network) to send mail. Some mail servers support authenticated SMTP, and you can use them, but we advise you to get it working as shown below before trying that!

No setting shown?

Where no setting is given, you can probably leave the field blank, and the server will assign what is needed. For POP3 email, the settings will normally depend on your email account, which may not be associated with the mobile network at all.


We can not guarantee that these settings will work but these settings are supplied in good faith, but are hard to test, and we cannot guarantee that they are correct. They have worked at the time of testing on specific handsets.

Settings for other UK Mobile Phone Networks

You can also see WAP Settings, MMS Settings, GPRS Settings and Dial-up connection settings for the following UK networks:

O2 Settings WAP MMS GPRS
Orange Settings WAP MMS GPRS
T Mobile Settings WAP MMS GPRS
Virgin Settings WAP MMS GPRS
Vodafone Settings WAP MMS GPRS

Orange Settings

T Mobile Settings

Vodafone Settings




Virgin WAP MMS GPRS Settings
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