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Nokia 3410 - Discontinued


The Nokia 3410 is no longer available to buy.

Nokia 3410 Java mobile phone at a Glance:

  • Availability: Europe in Q2 2002
  • Weight: 114 g
  • Dimensions: 115 x 49 x 22.5, 100 cc
  • Talktime: 2 h 20 min - 4 h 10 min
  • Standby time: 55 - 260 h
  • Key features: Games and application download via Java™ technology, WAP push, picture editor, 5 games, 3D screen saver
  • Operating frequency: EGSM 900/1800 networks in Europe, Africa, and Asia
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Nokia 3410 Main Features Nokia3410

Nokia 3410 Main Features
Get Ready for Wireless Java™

Mobile gaming will never be the same again. The Java platform in the Nokia 3410 opens up a whole new world of interactivity to discover. But it's not just gamers who benefit from this exciting enabling technology. You can download other interactive services and applications, such as agents and personalized calendars, which can help you better manage your life in work and play. And with 150 kB of user memory reserved forJava games and applications, you can download to your heart's content.

Stay on Top with WAP Push

With WAP Push, you'll never have to waste another minute hunting down the same WAP services over and over to stay in the know. Subscribe to daily services such as game packs, news and traffic information, public transport timetables informing about delays, timed advertisements, and sports results. The service sends a message containing text and a link to a WAP page straight to your phone. You have the option to discard the push message or click on the link and start up the WAP browser and continue normal browsing. No matter where you are, you always know what's going on.

You Got Games?

You bet! The Nokia 3410 comes with five traditional mobile games: Space impact, Bantumi, Snake II, Bumper, Link5. And the Nokia 3410 also comes with one preloaded and erasable Java™ game so you can experience wireless Java™ for the first time, right in the palm of your hand.

For more detailed features, please see Full Specifications

  Nokia 3410 Full Specifications  
  • Weight: 114 g (battery included))
  • Dimensions: 115 x 49 x 22.5 mm, 100 cc
  • High resolution, illuminated, full-graphics display
  • Dynamic display layout which adjusts automatically for optimal viewing
  • Up to 4 lines for text, numbers, graphics
      Language Options
  • Supports major European languages.
  • Available languages in phones are country dependant (language pack)
  Memory Functions
  • Phonebook: 200 names internal phone book, up to 250 memory locations in SIM card (the actual number of memory locations in the SIM is SIM specific).
  • Text messaging: concatenated SMS, send and receive message up to 459 characters in one message
  • Predictive text input: for over 10 languages. Support for major European languages
  • Templates: quick and easy sending of pre-defined messages.
  • Smileys - quick and easy insertion of editable smileys e.g. :-) and :o) in SMS from smile templates.
  • Picture messaging: send pictures with text to other compatible phones. 7 predefined and replaceable pictures in the phone plus 1 empty slot.
  • Mobile Chat: The Nokia 3410 supports Chat based on standard SMS. All previous written messages from both persons are visible on screen. Chat messages are not saved on SIM card.
  • Space impact
  • Bantumi
  • Snake II
  • Bumper
  • Link5
  • 1 preloaded and erasable Java™ game
      Ringing Tones  
  • 35 fixed and 7 variable tones (for composed or downloaded ringing tones)
      Call Management  
  • One key calling: locations 1 to 9 (1 is always voice mail)
  • Last number redial from dialed calls list (dial-key brings out the dialed calls list)
  • Automatic redial (max 10 attempts)
  • Automatic answer (works with headset or car kit only)
  • Emergency calls to 112 without SIM-card and with key locked phone
  • Various speed dialing methods
  • Call waiting, call hold, conference call
  • Automatic and manual network selection
  • Closed User Group
  • Fixed Dialing Number, allows calls only to predefined numbers
      Phone Features  
  • Downloadable personal applications via Java™ technology
  • WAP 1.1 Browser, WAP Push
  • Customizable and downloadable profiles
  • Full display screen-savers. Animated 3D screen-savers.
  • Clock
  • Currency converter from idle mode
  • Stopwatch
  • Countdown timer
  • Alarm clock
  • Calculator
  • Reminders (10 notes)
  • Calendar notes
  • 5 Games
    • Games download (via WAP): Extra game levels can be downloaded using WAP from Club Nokia
    • High score sending to Club Nokia
      Dual Band Operation
EGSM 900, GSM 1800 and GSM 900/1800 dual-band networks in Europe, Africa, and Asia. Automatic switching between the bands.

Power Management:
Battery Talk time Stand-by time Charging time
2h 20min - 4h 10min 55h - 260h ACP-7: 4h 30min
ACP-8: 3h
BLC-2 (950mAh)
2h 40min - 4h 45min 55h - 260h ACP-7: 4h 30min
ACP-8: 3h

Variation in operation times will occur depending on SIM card, network settings and usage. Talk times is increased by up to 30% if Half Rate is active, and reduced by 5% if Enhanced Full Rate is active.
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