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Nokia 7650 GSM Mobile Phone

Nokia 7650 GSM Mobile Phone Buy from mPhone online shop Nokia7650.

The Nokia 7650 has now been discontinued and is no longer available.

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The Nokia7650 at a Glance:

  • Weight: 154 g
  • Dimensions: 114 x 56 x 26 mm
  • Talktime: 2 - 4 h
  • Standby time: 90 - 230 h
  • Key features: Integrated digital camera, picture taking and sending, MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service), photo album for storing pictures, GPRS, an advanced user interface, joystick navigation and a color display
  • Operating frequency: EGSM900/1800 in Europe, Africa, Asia Pacific
  • Imaging resolution: (VGA, 640x480 pixels) Graphical color display (176x208 pixels, 35x41mm)

Show what you mean

Sometimes life is incredible, amazing, awe-inspiring. Sometimes it leaves you speechless. If you have something to say, even when you're speechless, share it with the new Nokia7650.


The new Nokia 7650 GSM phone is not only a phone - it's also an integrated digital imaging device. Point, use the color display as a viewfinder, snap a picture, and share the moment.Save the picture in the photo album - there's memory for dozens of pictures - or send it to a friend.



Main Features of the Nokia 7650

Integrated Digital Camera

The Nokia 7650 is a great phone - and a whole lot more, offering you a new world of imaging possibilities. And it's easy to store the pictures you've made, or even download them and send them on to a friend. From practical situations to those more poetic moments, the Nokia 7650 can help you share an entirely new sense of the situation. Imagine the possibilities!


Multimedia Messaging

Send your pictures over MMS, the Multimedia Messaging Service. It works like text messaging, except that you can send a picture, text and voice all at once. Snap a picture, write a short note, record a message, "This view is fantastic. Words fail me. Wish you were here." And send it as a multimedia message. You can send your pictures from your Nokia 7650 by MMS to an e-mail address, to another Nokia 7650, or to another MMS-capable phone.


New Advanced User Interface and Graphical Display

And when you can send, you can also receive. The Nokia 7650 makes it possible to make use of multimedia entertainment and information services. So you could receive the latest news or sports headlines together with a picture and a short commentary. It's also a phone, of course, and you can do a lot more with your voice than talk. You can save up to 25 names and numbers for voice dialing, so you can call your friends by pressing one button and saying the name. There's also a voice recorder. Use it for recording voice messages to send as part of a multimedia message. Record a memo to yourself. Or record part of a phone conversation,



With the Nokia 7650, the connection to WAP services over GPRS is always on, so you can connect fast to your WAP homepage or a bookmarked page. GPRS makes it convenient to use many mobile services, such as MMS and e-mail. The Nokia 7650 works at three speeds, all of them pretty fast. At normal speed, it sends and receives at up to 14.4 kilobits per second.

When you are sending and receiving e-mail you can shift to double speed -up to 28.8 kilobits per second. And if you want to use the Nokia 7650 as a modem to download Internet pages to a compatible PC, you can fast-forward the data at up to 43.2 kb/s. And you can connect wirelessly via infrared or Bluetooth. Connect to a compatible PC or to another phone supporting Bluetooth and share pictures, graphics and contact cards.

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