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Nokia 9210 Communicator - Dscontinued


There are many new features in the Nokia9210 Communicator, such as

  • Colour screen
  • Bigger keys, easier to type
  • New applications
  • Windows file compatibility
  • Word, Excel and PowerPoint compatibility
  • Windows Outlook compatible email
  • Synchronization of calendar and contacts
  • High speed data up to 43 200 bps
  • GSM 900 GSM 1800
  • WWW and WAP
  • Symbian EPOC32 operating system
  • Java support
  •   Nokia 9210 Communicator Buy SIM Free or on Contract
    The Nokia 9210 Communicator was bundled with the Concord Eye-Q IR Digital Still camera, at the launch. These packs have now been sold out, but the camera might be available for purchase separately as an accessory in the near future. Nokia 9210 Concord IrDA digital Camera

    The still digital camera features:

    • IrDA wireless image transmission
    • USB connectivity
    • image storage in internal flash memory
    • removable MMC card
    • advanced CMOS imaging by Agilent Technologies, Inc. via a 640 x 480 true VGA resolution sensor

    This highly integrated CMOS active pixel sensor offers excellent image quality with low power consumption, low dark current, high sensitivity and anti-blooming characteristics - in other words, better pictures.

    Nokia 9210 Main Features

    Brilliant color screen and mobile multimedia

    • High quality screen with 4096 colors
    • Transfer photos from a compatible digital camera, view them in color on your Nokia 9210 Communicator, forward them by fax or e-mail, upload them to the Internet
    • Play video clips and listen to wave sounds

    Complete office in your pocket

    • Portable office includes phone, fax, e-mail, calendar, contacts, Word, Spreadsheet, Presentation viewer, WAP, WWW
    • Edit & send Word and spreadsheet documents
    • View PowerPoint slides in full color
    • Lotus Notes, Lotus Organiser and Microsoft Outlook/Schedule+ compatible calendar, contacts and to-do lists
    • Contacts, calendar & e-mail synchronization

    Total mobile communication

    • Premium dual band phone (EGSM 900/1800)
    • Mobile e-mail, fax, short messages

    High speed Internet

    • In High Speed Circuit Switched Data (HSCSD) networks
    • Web, WAP and e-mail at high speed data - up to 43.2 kbps
    • Web in full colors
    • WAP supports colour images

    Lots of applications, lots of variations

    • Software applications - professional software, games
    • Software platform is open for 3rd party developers
    • Memory card - extends memory for installing applications and storing files
    • Accessories - full range: car kit, headset, desktop stand, belt clip etc
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