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Samsung SGH600 Mobile Phone - discontinued


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Samsung SGH600 SGH 600 Mobile Phone Fits easily into your palm, pocket or purse.

The small size makes the SGH600 easy to hold.  The unit fits snugly into your shirt pocket or jacket. It's so light, you'll hardly notice it's in your pocket at all. It fits into the small pocket of a lady's purse and is easy to take out when a call comes in.


The ideal handset for people on the go.


Voice activated dialing makes it easy and safe to use when you're walking or driving.  The portable handsfree set gives you the freedom to do multiple tasks simultaneously (such as using both the phone and a computer).


Simplifies the business of doing business. 


 The voice memo function is a quick and simple way to jot down ideas or appointment times for later reference.  The Samsung EasyGSM function connects your handset to a PC for updating your phone book or organizing your short message.  The vibrating alert mode ensures that you do not disturb others during meetings or in public places. The alarm and world time functions ensure that the global business person is always on top of his or her schedule.


Features a display that's easy to read and use.


Despite the small size of the handset, the LCD offers large, clear letters and numbers. Fun graphic animation lets you know the status of your SGH600 at all times.




  • Illuminated full graphics display with animation. 

  • Dynamic display for large / middle / small font .  

  • Up to four line text and numbers. 

  • One line fixed iconBattery status, Signal strength, SMS / VMS arriving,

Roaming Call Management 

  •  Automatic redial 

  • International call access (+function) 

  • Advanced tone dialing (DTMF) feature 

  • Fixed dialing number*

  • Service dialing number* 

  • Calling line identification*

  • Any key answer 

  • Call forwarding* / Call barring* 

  • Call waiting* / Call holding* 

  • Closed user group* 

  • Multi party calling* (1+5persons) 

  • Mute Memories 

  • SIM card memory location (Dependent on SIM) 

  • Phone memory location (100 names and numbers) 

  • Scratch pad memo 

  • Last 10 numbers dialed / received / missed 

  • Short cut method

  • Speed dialing (9 numbers) Business Feature Package 

  • Voice dialing (up to 20 names) 

  • Voice memo (up to 140 sec.)

  • Phone book & SMS (Short message service) management 
    on PC with SAMSUNG EasyGSM (PC synchronization) 

  • Vibrating alert

  • World time 

  • Alarm

  • Portable Handsfree Set Cost Control & Security 

  • Advice of Charge* 

  • Call log 

  • Call time display 

  • Call time alert 

  • PIN 1 / PIN 2

  • Phone lock Optional Control 

  • Multiple languages choice(17 languages) 

  • 17 selectable ring tone

  • 3 selectable key tone

  • Volume adjustment

  • Ring / Speaker / Key tone

  • Greeting message SMS & Data transmission 

  • Short message service* : mobile originated, mobile terminated, cell broadcast* 

  • Voice mail service

  • Supports 9600 bps via SAMSUNG Soft Mobile(S/W modem) : send and receive telefax and files



95g (3.4 oz) with slim battery




(H x W x D) 108 x 44 x 21mm 

LCD Graphic ( 96 x 32 pixels, 4line text, 1line fixed icon )

Battery Duration
  Talk time Standby time 
Slim up to 2.5h up to 35h
Standard up to 3.5h up to 65h
Extended  up to 6h up to 105h


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