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Siemens SK-65

The Siemens SK65 is a tri-band mobile phone with Bluetooth and Blackberry capabilities and QWERTY keyboard, all make the Siemens SK65 a great messaging device.

Siemens SK-65 Features at a glance:

  • Instant email access via BlackBerry Built-In™
  • Full size keyboard
  • Large 65,536 color TFT display
  • Bluetooth® wireless technology


Siemens SK-65

Siemens SK-65 Highlighted Features

Instant email access via BlackBerry Built-In™

Receive your emails directly and immediately on your mobile without downloading them manually. Instant synchronization of calendar (over the air), inbox and more are possible at last.

Full size keyboard

By turning the two halves of the phone, a full size keyboard is revealed. This x2type (cross-to-type) keyboard saves time and fingertips.

Large 65,536 color TFT display

Get the full picture with the SK65’s 65,536 color TFT display on a 132x176 pixel screen.

Bluetooth ® wireless technology

Data transfer without any cables or wires. Connect your phone wirelessly to hands-free devices, in-car solutions, computers or other mobiles.


About the SK-65

The Siemens SK-65 marks a turnaround in mobile communication habits. With the availability of a full size keyboard and instant email reception thanks to BlackBerry ® technology, your business now takes place wherever you are and whenever you want it to.

As long as you have this superior communication device with you, you immediately receive all emails that are sent to you. Instead of having to logon manually and “pulling” newly arrived emails from a server, BlackBerry Built-In™ email functionality sends all incoming mails directly to your SK-65. To save you even more time, your replies as well as deleted emails are instantly synchronized with your private or business email accounts. Important appointments and other business-related information can also be exchanged directly using BlackBerry Built-In ™ technology.Siemens SK-65

Various variants of the phone are available to perfectly suit your mobile office needs. You can choose from a basic version, where you have to download emails manually, a version that incorporates BlackBerry Built-In™ for seamless push-through of emails, and a corporate version that lets you connect fully secured right to the server architecture of your enterprise and access corporate data and applications beyond email (e.g., intranet sites or the company adressbook).

To make your mobile business even more convenient and time-saving, the SK-65 features a full size keyboard. Now you can type emails and text-messages just as fast on your mobile phone as on your PC. The x2type (cross-to-type) full size keyboard is revealed by turning the two halves of the phone. Just one move of your hand transforms your cellular phone into a PC-like mobile office.

Besides these groundbreaking features, the Siemens SK-65 is a business phone that leaves no expectations unfulfilled. Its large TFT 65,536 color display will open your eyes to brilliant clarity. Bluetooth ® wireless technology allows for fast data transfer without the need for cables or wires. A built-in loudspeaker enables hands-free talking. And tri-band functionality lets you take your business with you to all five continents.

Take your office into your own hands with this supreme business solution made by Siemens.



SK65 Full Specifications


  • frequency Triple Band EGSM 900 / GSM 1800 / GSM 1900
  • Voice encoding EFR, HR, FR, AMR SIM card
  • SIM Plug-in (3V/1,8), SAT class 3

Technical Specifications

  • Antenna integrated
  • Weight 144 g
  • Volume 115 cm³
  • Dimensions (L x W x H) 120 x 47 x 22 mm


  • Standard battery Li-Ion 750 mAh
  • Stand-by time (with standard battery) up to 250 h
  • Talk time (with standard battery) up to 300 min
  • Charging time < 2 h for 100%


  • Display 2.05'' TFT, 132 x 176 pixels, 64 k colors
  • Date and time in display

Standard Features

  • Reminder list
  • Alarm function
  • Stopwatch
  • Countdown timer
  • Currency converter / unit converter
  • Calculator
  • SMS MT, SMS MO, concatenated SMS, SMS to group
  • Intelligent Typing (T9)
  • MMS Picture Messaging
  • Enhanced Message Service (EMS)
  • Redial list
  • List of calls received / missed
  • Date and time stamp for missed calls
  • User profiles
  • Softkey programmable
  • Call wait / call hold
  • Conference call
  • Call forward
  • Display call timer
  • Keypad lock
  • Silent Alert (vibration)
  • Calling Line Identification (CLI)
  • Call filter

Special Features

  • Bluetooth
  • Multi Media Messaging
  • Hands free talking
  • Calling Faces
  • Calling Symbols
  • Java™ applications (Java MIDP 2.0 CDLC 1.1)
  • Screensaver

Video/Audio playback

  • Video supported formats: MPEG 4, H.263 (replay)
  • Audio supported formats: MIDI, SPMIDI, WAV
  • Address book: up to 2000 entries
  • Digital voice recording
  • Organizer incl. calendar, tasks and notes
  • E-mail client: POP3, IMAP4, SMTP
  • Microsoft Outlook™ synchronization


  • Built-in data and fax modem
  • High Speed Data Transfer GPRS multislot class 10, up to 53.6 kbps
  • Data exchange with PC SyncML, XTND Connect via serial/USB and IrDA
  • BT Infrared interface (IrDA)
  • Ringing tones / ringer melodies (40 cords, MIDI, SP MIDI, WAV)
  • Games


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