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Ericsson A2628 Mobile PhoneBuy the Ericsson A2628 SIM Free

The Ericsson A2628 Mobile Phone has now been discontinued, though you can buy Accessories for the phone. An alternative is the R520m SIM Free. When you buy a SIM Free Mobile Phone, you get the handset without a line. As these have never been locked or unlocked, you can use your existing GSM chip or we can buy a Pay As You Go SIM from mPhone. . Dual-band unlocked Handset for Orange T Mobile Vodafone or o2

The Ericsson A2628 Mobile Phone is a dual band unlocked handset works on GSM 900 and GSM 1800, so you it works on ANY UK network or SIM:

  • GSM 900: Cellnet, Vodafone
  • GSM 1800: Orange, T Mobile

Roaming PAYG (Pay As You Go)

The advantage of buying this affordable SIM Free Handset, over buying a similar handset on PAYG network, is that you are free to use any other SIM in the future. So if you go to Europe, for example, all you need to do is insert a local PAYG SIM and the A2628 is converted onto the new network. You can not do the same form another PAYG handset from say Orange or T Mobile as these are locked. You would then need to pay very high roaming fees, if there is a roaming agreement in place.

The second main advantage of buying a SIM Free phone is that the prices now are lower for our many of our SIM Free phones, then the the same locked phone on a network! So buy a flexible phone and save money!

The highly affordable Ericsson A2628 features:

  • SMS templates and a counter
  • Profiles
  • Games and stopwatch
  • Own Melodies
  • Voice Activated Dialing
  • Wide selection of accessories, including FM Radio, MP3 Player, IrDA modem and more.

Ericsson A2628 Special Package available to buy:

A2628 WAP with added security

A2628 extends your mobile world. It allows you to connect to the mobile Internet and access Web sites that have been specifically developed for mobile users. Services that include news, shopping and entertainment are just a phone call away. A2628 also lets you safely send confidential information over the air since it supports WAP 1.1 over GSM data with added security.

Start-up / shutdown show

A2628 has unique start-up and shutdown shows. Firstly, there is a standard Ericsson show with sound and animation and a second called "My Animation" which allows you to create your own shows. The software can be downloaded from Ericsson Mobile Internet, This must be installed with an Ericsson Mobile Office DI 28 or RS232 Cable DRS-10 and it lets you install a photograph of a loved one, choose a start-up melody or even compose your own.

SMS templates and a counter

A2628 not only supports the sending, receiving and storing of SMS messages, but also lets you effortlessly save those often-used messages as templates. You can save up to ten templates consisting of up to twenty-five characters each in the phone's memory. E.g. "Let's have lunch at…" A2628 also features an SMS counter allowing you to keep track of SMS messages that you have sent. An excellent way to control costs.

Ericsson A2628 Profiles

The A2628 has been designed for people with individual tastes and preferences. Even its internal functions can be customized to suit your personal needs. There are six specific profiles including a default setting within the phone. Each one has been tailor-made for different situations but can be renamed, added to, or simply changed to make them more personal.

Games and stopwatch

There's more to A2628 than good looks, voice communications and text messaging. It also contains games that will amuse and entertain you for hours on end. Whether you're waiting for a call, transport or friends to arrive, A2628 will help you pass the time quickly. These games switch off automatically when a call is received. There is also a stopwatch that allows you time various activities while remaining accessible.

Own melodies

A2628 lets you customize its ring signals. There is an interesting selection of melodies and the possibility to compose tunes of your own. It's also possible to assign different ring signals to up to ten specific callers as well as setting the volume etc.

Voice activated dialling

Let your A2628 do all the work! Why bother dialling the same numbers all the time when you can get the phone to do it for you? Just record up to 10 voice labels for your most often dialled numbers and store them in the phone. Then when you want to contact someone simply press the Yes button and state the person's name.

Input methods

The A2628 supports nine different input methods. This ensures that you can store names in the phone book and send and receive SMS messages in your own language.

  • Latin
  • Arabic
  • Stroke
  • Pinyin
  • Bopomofo
  • Greek
  • Hebrew
  • Numeric
  • Cyrillic


Size 131x51x25 mm
Weight 140g

Standard Capacity Battery BSC-11:
Talk time
2,5-6 h
Stand-by time
80-125 h

Accessories for the Ericsson A2628


Connectivity products

Our data products turn your phone and PC into a complete communications tool, capable of sending and receiving e-mail, browsing the Internet and accessing your corporate network.

Mobile Office DI 28
RS232 Cable DRS-10
Accessories for the Ericsson A2628 SIM Free cellular mobile phone

Handsfree solutions

Handsfree kits free your hands during phone calls. The kits range from light, discreet and portable, to highly advanced complete car solutions complementing your car's decor and ready-made kits that you can install yourself. The following handsfree solutions are available:

Portable Handsfree with Answering button HPB-10
Antenna Cable HCE-12
Quick Install Car Handsfree HCT-11
Car Holder HCH-23
MP3 Handsfree HPM-10
FM Radio Handsfree HPR-11

Batteries and Chargers

Provide optimum power for your phone! Small, portable and convenient, these intelligent chargers ensure that your phone will never over charge. Our batteries are the only batteries designed to make full use of your Ericsson phone. The following chargers and batteries are available:

Cigarette Lighter Adapter CLA-10
Travel Charger CTR-10
Desk/Wall Stand CDW-10
Standard Capacity Battery BSC-11
The A2628 Imageware concept offers you complete solutions, performance-enhancing accessories and high-visibility products that give your phone a touch of style.

Snap-on Cover ISA-10      Express Case ICA-10
Snap-on Cover ISA-11      Chatboard CHA-10
Snap-on Cover ISA-12
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