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ERICSSON R320 WAP Mobile Phone - discontinued

Ericsson R320 WAP Mobile PhoneAvailability of the Ericsson R320

The R320 has now been discontinued. A great substitute is the Ericsson R520m which has all the same features as the R320 like a large screen and WAP, but also has many more additions such as:

  • GPRS
  • Tri-band facility (GSM 900, 1800 and 1900)
  • Bluetooth (inbuilt)
  • IrDA connectivity
  • Speaker Phone
  • Large address book with synchronization with Outlook or Lotus

and much more.

About the Ericsson R320 WAP Mobile Phone

Elegant, efficient and powerful, the R320s is the first Ericsson mobile phone to feature a WAP browser and a full graphic five-row LCD display. 

Bringing the Internet to your mobile phone 

As well as an entirely new user interface designed for efficiency, advanced features include profiles, calendar functionality, data capability, voice dialing, voice memo, code memo, and SIM Toolkit functionality, making the R320s a very powerful business tool. 

The R320s supports GSM 900/1800 and GSM phase 2+ requirements.

Accessories for the R320

If you already have an Ericsson R320 Mobile Phone that you would like to keep, but would like to buy some accessories for it, mPhone offers a great selection of accessories to buy online, often far more are in stock than most high-street shops.

You will see these listed under the accessories section as well as under the current SIM Free Phone listings as they are often the same ( Ericsson T29, T39, R520 etc.)

Go to Accessories section of the online shop..>>

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