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Accessories: Bluetooth: Car kits: Parrot easy drive kit

Parrot Easy Drive Bluetooth Car kitParrot Easy Drive Bluetooth Car kit

Easydrive, The best sound quality is all yours! Drivers plug the Easydrive into the cigar lighter and start the engine. The kit is ready to go without any talk-time problems or needing any time to recharge. Their Bluetooth® mobile phone automatically connects to the Easydrive and enables them to make and receive all their calls.

Thanks to the voice recognition feature, users say a name and the Easydrive automatically dials the number without any need to take the mobile phone out of their bag or pocket, which helps to cut down on accidents and fines. The Plug & Drive system lets you change from one vehicle to another.

Thanks to its small size, you can easily slip the Easydrive into your pocket or bag. The Easydrive is compatible with all Bluetooth® mobile phones on the market.

£36.59 exc VAT
£42.99 inc VAT