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Accessories: Bluetooth: Data: USB + PC Toolkit

Bluetooth USB Adaptor with PC ToolkitBluetooth USB Adaptor with PC Toolkit

USB Bluetooth Adaptor with the latest generation of Bluetooth chip that will work with any Bluetooth phone. This is a much easier way of connecting to your Bluetooth phone and managing those pictures, connecting to the internet or backing up your data. Will work with the PC software supplied by the phone's manufacturer or the PC Toolkit included (for compatible phones).

If you don't want to get to involved managing the connection between your Bluetooth Mobile Phone and your PC but just want to get the job done, then this is an ideal solution for you. The toolkit software comes on CD ROM and is very intuitive to use. The interface is a Mobile Phone that sits on your desk-top awaiting your instructions.

To buy the LM USB adaptor with the Toolkit, click on the "Buy Now" button below. Otherwise, see the LM USB Adaptor without the PC Toolkit.

£17.51 exc VAT
£20.57 inc VAT

Bluetooth Data Devices

Bluetooth Data Devices: