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Accessories: Nokia: ACP-12 Euro

Nokia ACP-12E Travel Charger (European)Nokia ACP-12E Travel Charger (European)

Nokia ACP-12E European Travel Charger is simialr to the Nokia ACP-9E European Charger. The ACP-12E is a lightweight, durable and efficient; Suitable for active travellers; Powerful multi-voltage charger.

The Nokia ACP-12 can work on any voltage between 110 v to 240 v AC. The ACP-12E charger works in the EU, North America and most of the world.

Nokia ACP-12 Travel Charger comes with a 2 pin European / EU Plug.

Nokia ACP-12E charger is compatible with most current Nokia mobile phones. However, to be sure, please see the Nokia SIM Free Section for the compatible Handsfree headset model for your Nokia Phone.

Buy Nokia ACP-12E Travel Charger online by clicking the "Buy Now" button below. More Nokia accessories are available to buy. These are listed under the Nokia Accessories section.

£8.69 exc VAT
£10.21 inc VAT

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