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Accessories: i-mate: i-mate PDA2

i-Mate PDA2 (discontinued)i-Mate PDA2 (discontinued)

The PDA2 has now been discontinued and is no longer available to buy. However, if you already have a PDA2 PDA / phone, then you can buy accessories for it from the selection of PDA2 accessories below.


Bluetooth Accessories for PDA2

Bluetooth Accesories

The following are compatible Bluetooth Accessories available to buy online:

Drive VoicePRO Bluetooth Handsfree Car KitDrive VoicePRO Bluetooth Handsfree Car Kit
AvanTalk Bluetooth Handsfree Car KitAvanTalk Bluetooth Handsfree Car Kit
VisorVoice Simple Bluetooth Handsfree Car KitVisorVoice Simple Bluetooth Handsfree Car Kit
Jawbone 2 Black Bluetooth HeadsetJawbone 2 Black Bluetooth Headset
Jabra BT2070 Bluetooth HeadsetJabra BT2070 Bluetooth Headset
Nokia BH-103 Bluetooth HeadsetNokia BH-103 Bluetooth Headset
Nokia BH-215 Bluetooth HeadsetNokia BH-215 Bluetooth Headset
Sony Ericsson Stereo Bluetooth Headset HBH-DS200Sony Ericsson Stereo Bluetooth Headset HBH-DS200
Sony Ericsson Stereo Bluetooth Headset HBH-PV740Sony Ericsson Stereo Bluetooth Headset HBH-PV740
View our full range of Bluetooth headsetsView our full range of Bluetooth headsets
Bluetooth USB AdaptorBluetooth USB Adaptor

i-mate PDA2 Accessories available to buy

The following compatible i-mate accessories are available to buy online:

i-mate Pocket PC / PDA2 UK Chargeri-mate Pocket PC / PDA2 UK Mains Charger
i-mate Pocket PC / PDA2 European (EU) Chargeri-mate Pocket PC / PDA2 European (EU) Mains Charger
i-mate Pocket PC / PDA2 USA Chargeri-mate Pocket PC / PDA2 North American (USA) Mains Charger
i-mate Pocket PC Jack Converteri-mate Pocket PC Jack Converter
i-mate Pocket PC /PDA2 In-Car Chargeri-matePocket PC / PDA2 In-Car Charger
i-mate Pocket PC / PDA2 Cradle / Desk Stand with USB cablei-mate Pocket PC / PDA2 Cradle / Desk Stand with USB cable
i-mate Pocket PC / PDA2 Foldable Keyboardi-mate Pocket PC / PDA2 Foldable Keyboard
i-mate Pocket PC / PDA2 Thumb keyboardi-mate Pocket PC / PDA2 Thumb keyboard
i-mate Pocket PC / PDA2 Stylusi-mate Pocket PC / PDA2 Stylus
i-mate USB Cablei-mate PDA2 / Pocket PC USB Cable
Universal PDA CradleUniversal PDA Cradle

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