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Accessories: Memory Cards: Sitepoint USB Card Reader

Sitecom MD-009 / 18 in 1 / USB Card ReaderSitecom MD-009 / 18 in 1 / USB Card Reader

This Sitecom USB 18 in 1 Mini Card Reader allows you to effortlessly read and write data to your PC from many types of memory card.

With this USB 2.0 Card Reader you can effort lessly read and write data to the computer from all existing types of media card such as Memory Stick (MS), Memory Stick Pro (MS Pro), Memory Stick Duo (MS Duo), Memory Stick Pro Duo, Memory Stick Magic Gate, Memory Stick Magic Gate Duo, Memory Stick select function, Secure Digital Card (SD), Multi Media Card (MMC), SM RAM Card, Micro Drive (MD), Mini SD Card, RS-MMC.

Place an order for this product today and receive the Sitecom USB 18 in 1 Mini Card Reader within 2-3 working days.


£6.79 exc VAT
£7.98 inc VAT

Memory Cards

Memory Cards available to buy from mPhone online shop, by Type and Size:

Popular Memory Cards:     
MicroSD16GB8 GB4 GB2 GB1 GB
Memory Stick Micro M216GB8 GB4 GB2 GB1 GB
Sandisk DuoPro16GB8 GB4 GB2 GB1 GB
MemoryStick Duo / DuoPro16GB8 GB4 GB2 GB1 GB
Older Memory Cards:     
mini-SD2 GB1 GB512 MB  
MMC1 GB512 MB256 MB  
RS-MMC1 GB512 MB256 MB  
DV RS-MMC1 GB512 MB256 MB  
SD1 GB512 MB256 MB  
SD X66 Speed1 GB512 MB256 MB