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Panasonic Navigation & Multimedia System DV2000 & VM1500

The Panasonic Navigation & Multimedia System DV2000 & VM1500 combines advanced navigation system with the ability to play ultra-high quality DVD or Video CD movies and conventional audio CDs, making the driving experience not only safer and easier, but also, a lot more entertaining.

When you are not using the navigation disc, you and your passengers can watch movies or enjoy listening to pristine digital audio entertainment.

Additional monitors can be installed to enhance the experience for the rear passengers.

Panasonic's DVD navigation system pinpoints your present location, denote surrounding streets by name and indicate nearby points of interest. There are 585,000 points of interest including hotels, car parks, petrol stations and restaurants. With a massive 4.7GB capacity, a single disc can contain maps of virtually all of Europe, including voice and menu data in six languages - English, French, German, Italian, Dutch and Spanish. In addition, a DVD drive can read data about nine times faster than a standard CD-ROM


Panasonic DV2000 & VM 1500

Panasonic DV2000 with VM1500

Price £1,578 + VAT



GPS Navigation Systems:


Panasonic Navigation & Multimedia System DV2000 & VM1500 Features:

  • Fast access DVD-ROM drive
  • DVD Movie playback
  • Compact car stereo dashboard size
  • Destination Search & Input
  • Optimised Routing
  • Auto Reroute
  • Intelligent Map Matching
  • 12-Step Map Scale and Orientation
  • Automatic Intersection Zoom
  • Simplified GUIDE Mode Navigation
  • Selectable Map Colour
  • Voice Feedback
  • Powerful 32-Bit RISC Processor & High-Speed Drive
  • GPS Receiver
  • Compact Gyro-Sensor
  • Vehicle Speed Sensor

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