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Panasonic Navigation System DV2300 & VA707N Motorised Screen

The Panasonic Navigation System DV2300 & VA707N Motorised Screen / Multmedia Centre combines an RDS receiver with a 7" 16:9 widescreen LCD monitor to provide a fantastic all-in-one unit that controls all aspects of your navigation system.

The real benefit to this system is that everything is hidden behind the dash until you are ready to see it. One press of a button and the motorised system engages and the high-resolution pixel display appears featuring full-power vertical positioning and manual horizontal swivel to give you the perfect viewing angle.

The Navigation computer has a DVD processor, which reads data much faster than other CD type systems and the disc supplied can hold 14 European country maps with A, B and C roads detailed.

All this data can be found quickly with the unique postcode input option and spoken directions are relayed to the driver quickly and clearly through the built in speaker system.

Panasonic Navigation System DV2300 & VA707N Motorised  screen

Panasonic DV2300 with VA707N

Price: £1,760 + VAT


GPS Navigation Systems:


Panasonic Navigation System DV2300 & VA707N Motorised Screen Features:

  • VA707N -Motorised Screen
    • High-powered 4x40W amplifier
    • CD changer control
    • Itelligent RDS with AF
    • ID Code security and a remote control.
  • DV2300
    • Destination Search & Input
    • Optimised Routing
    • Auto Reroute
    • Intelligent Map Matching
    • 12-Step Map Scale and Orientation
    • Automatic Intersection Zoom
    • Simplified GUIDE Mode Navigation
    • Selectable Map Colour
    • Voice Feedback
    • Powerful 32-Bit RISC Processor & High-Speed Drive
    • GPS Receiver
    • Compact Gyro-Sensor
    • Vehicle Speed Sensor

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