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In-Car Handsfree Installation Service

Mobile Phone hands free car kit

Making and receiving calls on your mobile phone while travelling in a car can be fiddly, dangerous and difficult. For your safety and that of your passengers, you should always use a handsfree set, leaving the driver in proper control of the car.

For those that spend a lot of time in their car, we recommend using an Advanced Handsfree car kit that is hardwired into the car stereo system which is muted during calls. mPhone can arrange this fully fitted installation service at your convenience.

what's included in the Installation?

Note that it is an offence to hold a mobile phone whilst driving.


Mobile Phone handsfree car kit

Advanced Car Kit for Mobile Phones

The car kit is hard wired with your car radio such that the volume is automatically muted when making or receiving calls inside your vehicle. The kits are tailor made for your mobile phone and are specific to the cellular phone in question, though they all have these basic components:

  • Phone Holder: This also charges the phone in the car
  • Junction box linking to the car stereo
  • System cable: linking the holder with the junction box
  • External Antenna for improved reception (some models no longer use these)
  • Microphones / speakers (car's speakers can be used as an option)

UK Wide Installation Service

The service covers anywhere in the UK (mainland and Northern Ireland). We can arrange the installation work to be carried out at your home, work or any convenient place that suits you. Tell us where you would like the work done, and we will arrange for the installation company to meet you at your convenience.

CANCELLATION: Please note that a cancelled installation with less than 2 business days notice, will unfortunately incur a cancellation fee of £50.

UK Wide Installation Service

No Holes Installation

mPhone can arrange for the installed car kit to be fitted with no new holes made in your dashboard, using a special bracket. This is particularly useful for when the time comes to sell or return the car. The price of this special bracket will depend on the make and model of the vehicle but is typically around £17.99 including the VAT.

We can also arrange for an old kit to be un-installed, or a kit we have arranged for it's installation, to be reinstalled into a new car. Please ask for details.

We recommend: Nokia CK-300 Advanced Car Kit

Order the Nokia CK-300 Carkit now

The Nokia Car Kit CK-300 offers convenient call handling, high quality audio output with echo cancellation and noise reduction, and music streaming capabilities that help you make the most of your mobile device while youíre on the road.

Buy the Nokia CK-300 Advanced car kit

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