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Siemens SL65

The Siemens SL65 is the updated version of the small yet successful Siemens SL55 Mobile Phone.

Siemens SL65 Features at a glance:

  • Dimentions: 90x 47.6 x 21mm
  • Weight 99g
  • Talktime up to 270 mins
  • Standby time up to 230 hrs
  • VGA Camera with 5x Zoom
  • Video Recorder
  • Display: 65k colour TFT
  • POP 3
  • Built in handsfree
  • Triband GSM 900 / 1800 / 1900

The Siemens SL65 has now been discontinued and is no longer available to buy.

Siemens SL65


Siemens SL65 Features

Extravagant design

This uniquely shaped and designed slider phone definitely impresses with an exclusive appearance in every detail.†

Integrated foto and video camera

Record the movie and fotos of your lifetime through the integrated camera.†

65 thousand color display

Get the full picture with the SL65ís 65,000 color TFT display on a 130x130 pixel screen.

Digital camera with 5x zoom

Hold on to great moments with 5x zoom digital camera that allows for crystal clear 640x480 pixel images.

Business features that keep you in control

Easy sync of calendar, address book and to-do-list with a PC via data cable, infrared (IrDa) or over the air (SyncML service). So you never loose sight of your schedule.

About the SL65

The SL65 is a true jewel in technology and design. And like any jewel, you have to slide the two shells of this tiny giant to open it up. Once uncovered, the inside of the SL65 unveils a whole set of high-tech features. A built-in digital camera allows for video and image capturing in excellent quality. And just in case you are for once not right in the middle of the action, the digital still camera features a 5x zoom function.

Why we call this mobile phone a jewel becomes clear, when you take a closer look at the detailed finish of the Siemens SL65. An attractive wrap-around band design highlights the gorgeous appearance of this slider phone. The dynamic touch of the two surfaces is as handsome when the phone is closed as it convinces opened up.

And when it comes to good looks, the 65 thousand color TFT display of the Siemens SL65 leaves no expectations unfulfilled. The large 130x130 pixel screen opens your eyes to a world almost as colorful as reality. By the way: if you wish to escape the latter for a while, you can enjoy some of the greatly entertaining applications preinstalled to the SL65 such as 3D Golf or a 3D Rally simulation.

The Siemens SL65 comes in two tantalizing color schemes: Ebony and Ivory. Almost needless to say that this top notch mobile features triband technology and internet access via GPRS. And if you would like to enhance this unique design-phone, there are plenty of practical accessories for you to choose from. Like the stylish Headset Purestyle, the only tool pretty enough to be attached to the SL65. Or the CarKit Easy, a simple to install and use handsfree option for the times when you are on the road.

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