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Car: Installation

Original Manufacturer's Car kit Installation Service

Under each phone in the SIM Free section, you will find the relevant Car Kit which you can buy with (or without) our UK installation service.

We strongly recommend that the Car Kit and the installation are purchased and arranged at the same time. That way, the fitter who brings that car kit with him and installs all the components becomes responsible for making sure that everything is working properly.

Should there be any warranty claim in the first 12 months, the same fitter (or colleague) will come to fix / resolve the problem for free, for a warranty claim. If the parts are supplied separately, there may be additional charges applied by the fitter if the failure is due to a faulty part (which is most often the case) rather than a failure due to the installation work. Otherwise, each visit may incur an additional call-out charge.


Bluetooth Car kit and InstallationBluetooth Car kit and Installation

If you have a Bluetooth phone (Voice capabilities) you could use a Bluetooth car kit instead. For Nokia phones, we recommend the CK-15W. The Nokia Multimedia Car Kit CK-15W integrates the comfort of handsfree usage with superior audio and multimedia options. For non-Nokia phones the Parrot LS 3200, an excellent choice and popular buy.

See our full range of Bluetooth handsfree car kits


Installation Only Service - Standard

If you have already purchased a brand new car kit that you would like to have installed in the UK, then we can offer an installation only service. Note however, that we will not provide or offer any warranty for this kit. Should a fault occur, then an Engineer will need to visit you (Service Call charge will apply). The Engineer will then identify for you the faulty part which you then need to take to a Manufacturer's Service Centre for repair or replacement.

The price of the installation only service, here includes the labour, materials and equipment for a Standard Installation. For Deluxe installation, please tick the boxes below. See WHAT'S INCLUDED to decide on the package you prefer.

Installation Only Service - Standard
£85.06 exc VAT
£99.95 inc VAT

Installation Only Service - DeluxeInstallation Only Service - Deluxe

As above. Installation only service to install your own equipment, at the Deluxe standard.

The deluxe installation includes the following:

  • Installation of the central unit, connections and holder (provided by you)
  • Installation of an antenna where necessary
  • No Holes Bracket - dashboard will not be drilled leaving it unmarked when the kit is removed
  • Audio Loom. This allows you to listen to the phone through the car stereo's speakers rather than the standard speaker provided with the Handsfree car kit. There are extra leads needed if the stereo has external amplification for example on a Bose system.

Select this installation option for the additional equipment for Deluxe installation as well as the installation service. If you would like to add a leather-mount holder, see below.

£132.72 exc VAT
£155.95 inc VAT

Installation Only Service - Luxury

As above. Installation only service to install your own equipment, at the Luxury standard. This includes everything in the Deluxe installation above, with the addition of a leather mount holder rather than a standard holder. The price here applies to most vehicles but in some cases there may be additional cost. We will advise you of this before applying any charges.

Installation Only Service - Luxury
£161.66 exc VAT
£189.95 inc VAT

De-installing existing kitDe-installing existing kit

We can arrange the de-installation of an existing car kit.

If the de-installation is done at the same time as a new installation (i.e. both vehicles are available at the same time) then please see Re-install and De-install service below.

£60.00 exc VAT
£70.50 inc VAT

Re-install complete existing kit

Once you have had your complete car kit de-installed and are looking to have it re-installed in a different vehicle, then we can arrange for an Engineer to visit you to carry out this work. We can only offer this service for car kits, that were installed through us after 2002.

Note that the installation will be the same type as the previous one (Standard or Deluxe). However, there may be additional materials required, at additional cost. In particular, for Deluxe installations, the old no-holes bracket and the audio lead may no longer be suitable for the new vehicle. We will advise of possible additional charges when the service call is being booked in and / or when the Engineer sees the job.

Re-install complete existing kit
£99.00 exc VAT
£116.33 inc VAT

Re-installing & De-installing ServiceRe-installing & De-installing Service

We can arrange the Re-install and De-install of an existing carkit to be carried out on the same day. Simply click on the book now button below and follow the procedures to arrange this service.

£120.00 exc VAT
£141.00 inc VAT