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Accessories: Bluetooth: Headsets: Other: Jawbone Prime Grey

Jawbone Prime Bluetooth (Grey)Jawbone Prime Bluetooth (Grey)

Jawbone PRIME's military-grade NoiseAsassin® removes virtually all background noise so you can make calls anywhere and Voice Activity Sensor accurately detects and removes the presence of wind. Be confident to take that call at the airport, in a restaurant, in the car or walking outside.

Jawbone PRIME supports Multipoint so you can simultaneously connect to 2 phones.

The latest in sound technology

Jawbone PRIME uses an algorithm that digitally fuses together the best audio from its two electret microphones (the clean preserved high-end frequencies of speech) and its patented Voice Activity Sensor (the low-end frequencies of speech) to create a single, natural sounding speech signal.

- Talk time: 4.5 Hours
- Standby Time: 192 Hours

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£59.57 exc VAT
£69.99 inc VAT

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