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SIM Free: Motorola
Motorola Back Flip
Motorola Back Flip
Motorola Flipout
Motorola Flipout
Motorola Milestone XT720
Motorola Milestone XT720
Motorola Milestone
Motorola Milestone

Motorola SIM Free Phones

Motorola SIM Free phones are Motorola GSM handsets sold without the line or SIM card. You can acquire a SIM card from a local network or we can supply UK SIM cards.

All these Motorola SIM Free phones: are brand-new, have never been locked, have no network markings, come boxed with battery, charger, manual (English) and a 12 month manufacturer's warranty. Some models have additional free accessories. Motorola SIM Free phones work on all European and UK Networks like O2, Orange, T Mobile, Virgin and Vodafone.


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