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Car: Origin B2

Origin B2 Speed Camera Information SystemOrigin B2 Speed Camera Information System

The Origin B2 is a state-of-the art Driver Safety Information System. It uses GPS satellite technology combined with unique and patented features to warn drivers of approaching speed cameras, mobile hand held police laser guns, accident black spots, schools and congestion charging. It's compact and not much bigger than a pager.


  • Unobtrusive design no bigger than a pager
  • Easily installed without causing damage to the interior of the car.
  • Only GPS system to warn opf ALL types of speed cameras -Gatso, Truvelo, SPECS, DS2 Speedmaster, mobile police laser traps.
  • Update the B2 via the internet or with optional modem. 6 months free subscription (50 therafter)
  • Visual, Spoken and beep warnings
  • High Resolution LCD display with enhanced graphics
  • Personal, user definable over-speed warnings and personal way point storage.
  • GPS position display to assist emergency services to identify your location
  • Unique and patented 'directional feature' only prvides alerts if camera is in user's direction of travel.
  • Unique and patented 'Limitator feature' only prvides alerts if user travelling over the speed limit
  • Motorway mode suppresses alerts for cameras off the motorway network

This item is available for UK customers only. The price includes the installation work needed.

£357.40 exc VAT
£419.95 inc VAT