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UK SIM for North American ResidentsUK SIM for North American Residents

Residents of USA and Canada can buy a SIM card with a UK line with the following exceptional features:

  • NO line rental: Pay only for calls made after you make them
  • International Roaming: Roam on most GSM networks
  • NO CHARGES to receive calls in the UK. Ideal for regular visitors to the UK.
  • Cheap calls to the US and Canada from the UK.
  • Billing and the rates used are available in US Dollars or UK Pounds
  • Will NOT be disconnected after a period of inactivity.
  • NO vouchers or pre-payments. Calls are charged to the credit card after the calls are made, either when a credit limit is reached or at the end of the month.
  • FREE Itemised billing.

To activate the SIM card, you need to use a credit card registered to an address in the USA or Canada and pass our service provider's credit checks.

You can use this line for International roaming in most countries with a GSM network. If you do not have a compatible GSM phone, you can BUY A GSM Mobile Phone online from our on-line shop. We carry a very large range of handsets to cover most budgets and tastes.

See applicable rates in UK Pounds. We can also provide the line with US Dollar billing, according to the customer's preference.

As a security measure, this SIM card can only be delivered to the registered name and address of the card holder.

£20.00 exc VAT
£23.50 inc VAT