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Availability of the Motorola T250

You can buy the Motorola Timeport T250 from mPhone online shop SIM Free (ie offline, not connected to any line or tariff) or conected to Vodafone for Free on any tariff. If you are an exisiting Vodafone Connect customer, you can buy the phone for Free as an Upgrade and continue using your existing line!

Motorola T250, has now been discontinued. See current range of Motorola Phones

Motorola T250 Summary

Timeport 250 is a feature rich business class phone offering an easy to use interface and a smart, sharp design. The Timeport 250 is a tri-band handset allowing you to roam on all 5 continents. It also boasts WAP browser, data compatibility, voice memo, reminder alarms and games

All features are easily accessible via its fresh new menu system.

Key Features of the T250:

  • Triple band mobile phone with GSM 900/1800/1900
  • Weight 102g
  • Dimensions 127 x 44 x 21
  • WAP Browser
  • Voice dialling
  • Voice memo
  • Vibrating alert
  • Reminder alarm facility
  • Profiles

Motorola Timeport T 250 Detailed Features:

T250 User Interface


Display Type T250
Illuminated graphic
Up to 5 lines of SMS text
LCD Contrast Control
Optimax™ high contrast

Display icons
Signal Strength Indicator
Roaming Indicator
Text message waiting
Voice message waiting
Home zone
Ringer alert on
Off hook
Battery Meter

Dedicated control buttons
Voice mail key
Quick Access key
Volume Buttons
Smart button

16 Western European Languages
11 Eastern European Languages
Middle East language support (prompts only)
Asian Language Support
Automatic language selection determined by SIM card

Alert types
VibraCall Alert
Vibrate then ring
11 ringer/SMS tones
Programmable ringer tone
LED Status Indicator

Short cut number entry system


Personalised Menu List

Personalised Quick Access List

Real Time Clock with Date and Alarm


Telephone Directories


Phone based directories
100 name / number phone book
Last 10 calls made
Last 10 calls received/missed
100 name / number phone book
Time and date stamp

SIM card based directories
Phone book (up to 155 names and numbers depending on SIM)
Fixed dialing list (up to 40 names and numbers)
Service dialing list


Call Control


Call diverting

Call barring

Hold call

Call waiting

Calling Line Identification (name displayed if in Phone Book)

Missed Call Indicator with Time and Date stamp

User call rejection

International Access Key Sequence

Conference calling

Call transfer

Mute call

Automatic redial - on busy

Call cost control
Advice of charge (Charging and information)
Programmable audible call timers
Display call timers or charge meters


Network Related


Tri-band GSM900/1800/1900


SIM application toolkit support (Class 2)

FR/EFR/HR enhanced voice quality

Voice encryption

Phase II Unstructured Supplimentary Service Data (USSD)


Non-voice features


Text messaging
Send short messages
Receive short messages
Cell Broadcast
Short message reply
Phone Book Access
Delete all messages

Data and Fax
Up to 9600 bps standard operation
Alternate between Fax and voice (TS61)
Smart CEllect™ data cable with RS232 connection (Data and Fax)
Infrared support (Data and Fax)
56k modem

IrDA support
TrueSync software
TrueSync SMS transfer


Security Features


Phone Lock (Manual/automatic)

SIM card lock - SIM PIN and SIM PIN 2

Keypad Lock

Resrict access to phone / SIM directories


Advanced Features


Internet Mini Browser

Datebook with synchro

iTAP™ simplified keypad entry

VoiceNotes™ Voice Recorder

Speaker Dependant Voice Activation
25 phone book voice tags
9 quick access voice tags

Integrated headset jack

Battery Saving Mode

Answering Machine

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