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Motorola T720i SIM Free

The Motorola T720i has now been discontinued. See the current range of Motorola Phones ..>>

Motorola T720i SIM Free


Motorola T720i comes with a snap-n camera, allowing you to Shoot. Save. Send. Who says your phone can't be your camera too? With the Motorola T720i it can. Just connect the lightweight digital camera to shoot, save and send classic moments instantly. It's simple and fun. The large full-colour display doubles as a viewfinder, and also brings your pictures, games, screensavers, wallpapers and animated messages to vivid life. Open up the phone to reveal a classic keypad and a new icon-based menu that puts features just a button-push away. Slip in and out of different styles with a range of interchangeable covers, and keep up with the changes of tomorrow by downloading great games and applications.

Motorola T720i Features

Motorola T720i SIM Free

Features at a glance:

  • Weight - 111g

  • Dimensions: 90mm x 47.5mm x 25mm, 86cc

  • Standby Time - Up to 230 hours, Talk Time - Up to 390 minutes

  • Colour Display - 4096 Colours, 9 lines of text / 1line of icons, 120 x 160 pixel resolution plus External Display

  • Attachable Digital Camera

  • Alert types - 64 (32 embedded ring tones and 32 downloadable) as well as Polyphonic Ringtone support

  • Icon and list based menu system

  • Key Features: Downloadable Wallpaper, Screensavers and Ring Tones; Customisable Covers; SMS Chat; Multi Media Messaging (MMS); GPRS 1-up, 3-down; WAP; EMS 5.0; VibraCall; Game; Java: J2ME Programmability; Fax - can receive, store and download fax messages; Calendar; Calculator

  • Operating Frequency: GSM 900/1800


Motorola T720i Full Features

Colour Display


Downloadable Wallpaper


Downloadable Screensavers

Phone software supports digital downloads of Screensavers to personalise your phone.

SMS Chat

SMS chat is a continuous stream of SMS messages, without the need to create a new message each time and enter the recipients number. Each message includes only the senders name and message (no additional information such as time sent etc.).

Downloadable Ring Tones

Phone software supports digital downloads of ringtones to personalise your phone.


Multi Media Messaging. Send and receive pictures, sounds and animations with your messages. MMS is as easy to use as sending a standard text message, but now you can really bring your messages to life.

Attachable Digital Camera


Customisable Covers



GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) allows the user faster call set-up, higher data speed, and an “always on” connection. SMG31 WAP browser over GPRS 1TX (uplink), 3RX (downlink) GPRS Encryption Full Class B handset support.



J2ME Programmability

J2ME (Java) is a programming language developed to run on your mobile phone. It provides the ability to download easy-to-use, graphically rich, interactive content right to your Java enabled phone. Games, messaging and other applications are all enhanced by Java.




Polyphonic ringer tones add a powerful audible experience for alerts and ringer tones. Richer musical tones will resonate from your phone each time it rings.


Motorola mobile phones equipped with VibraCall® can alert you to an incoming call by vibrating instead of ringing.

External Display



Fax-enabled phones can receive, store and download fax messages.


111g. This is the weight of the phone (with battery) and is measured in grams (g). Weight measurements can vary within models dependant upon battery type.


Up to 390 minutes talk time, Up to 230 hours Standby Time.

Alert types

64 (32 embedded ring tones and 32 downloadable)


Schedule events using the quick access calendar.


90mm x 47.5mm x 25mm

Phone Book Menu



Display Type - 4096 Colours, 9 lines of text/1line of icons, 120 x 160 pixel resolution




Wireless application protocol (WAP) is the first global standard for Internet services over mobile phone networks. It is capable of displaying "mini websites", which look simple when compared with normal websites but which already provide a variety of powerful services, including banking, ticket purchase, news updates and more. See the WAP Demo for more information.


The short message service (SMS) enables you to send and receive text messages using your Motorola mobile phone or personal communicator. Depending on your network service provider and your plan, you can send messages to other mobile phones or to PCs, domestically or internationally. The cost is usually a low, flat rate or even free, depending on your contract.

Menu system

The Icon based menu makes it easier to navigate through the phone.



Motorola T720i Features
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