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Buy Motorola V50 mobile Phone

The v50 is very similar to the v3690 but has the advantage of a WAP browser.

The Motorola V50 has now been discontinued and there are no further stocks available. However, existing owners can still buy some Motorola V50 Accessories on-line.

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Motorola V50 Discription

One of the smallest mobile phones on the market, the V50 phone is big on style and performance. It responds to your voice and brings the Internet to your fingertips with a fast-flow, five-line text display and animated graphics

  • WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) micro browser
  • Voice activated dialling - Speak a stored name, number or function and your phone calls it up for you
  • Optimax™ easy-to-read display - Makes it easy to read your phone's display in all kinds of light
  • Ringtone Composer - Choose from pre-programmed tunes or write your own tune.
  • Alarm clock - avoid missing those important appointments
  • VoiceNote™ voice recorder - Lets you record conversations, memos or other notes
  • Dual-Band Technology - Automatically selects either GSM 900 or GSM 1800 band for improved international roaming
  • Up to 115 hrs standby time and Up to 200 mins talk-time*

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In the "LITE" Pack (currently being sold) you get:
  • V50 phone
  • 600mAH LiIon battery
  • Slim LiIon Battery Door
  • Mini Travel Charger
  • User manual and quick start guide
  • One year limited warranty**
In older packs, the box included:
  • V50 phone
  • 600mAH LiIon battery
  • Slim LiIon Battery Door
  • Mini Travel Charger
  • Walk & Talk Headset
  • Leather Holster
  • User manual and quick start guide
  • One year limited warranty**

Motorola V50 Detailed Features

In addition to the features mentioned previously, the Motorola
V50 phone gives you these distinctive advantages.

User Interface:

  • Alert Types
    - 12 different ringer tones
    - VibraCall® alert
  • Dedicated Control Buttons
    - Smart button
    - Volume keys
  • Display Icons
    - Battery meter
    - Home zone
    - Off-hook
    - Ringing alert on
    - Roaming indicator
    - Signal strength indicator
    - Text message waiting
    - Voice message waiting indicator
  • Display Type
    - Adjustable contrast
    - High contrast Optimax™ display
    - Illuminated graphic
    - LCD (up to 5 lines of text plus icons)
  • Keypad
    - Enhanced tactile feel
    - Illuminated
  • LED status indicator
  • Open/Close to answer/End Calls
  • Personalised Menu List
  • Postscripting
    - Short cut number entry system
  • Real Time Clock with Date and Alarm
  • Selected Languages
    - Automatic selection determined by seperately available SIM card
    - European/Eastern/Western Telephone Directory
  • Phone Based Directories
    - 100 name/number phone book
    - Last 10 calls made
    - Last 10 calls received/missed
  • Sim Card (seperately available) Based Directories
    - Fixed dialling list (up to 40 names and numbers)
    - Phone book (up to 255 names/numbers, SIM dependant)
    - Service dialling list

Advanced Features

  • Internet Mini Browser
  • iTAP™ Simplified Keypad
  • Speaker Dependant Voice Activation
  • Voice Notes Voice Recorder
    - 25 phone book voice tags
    - 9 quick access voice tags
  • Games

Call control:

  • Abbreviated dialling
    - Speed dialling
    - Turbo Dial™ keys
  • Automatic Redial on Busy
  • Call Barring
  • Call Cost Control
    -Advice of charge
    -Programmable audible call timers
    -Display call timers or charge meters
  • Hold Call
  • Call Diverting
  • Call Waiting
  • Calling Line Identification (name displayed if in Phone Book)
  • Missed Call Indicator
  • User Call Rejection
  • International Access Key Sequence
  • Conference Calling
  • Call Transfer
  • Key Answer Only
  • Mute Call

Network Dependant:

  • Battery Saving Mode (DTX)
  • Dual-Band GSM900/1800 (automatic band selection in dual-band networks and international wherev roaming agreements exist)
  • Service Selection
    - Automatic
    - Change preferred network list
    - Display all networks
    - Manual
  • SIM Application Toolkit (Class 2) Support
  • Tricoder Capable - EFR, HR, FR
  • Voice Encryption with A5/2 Algorithm

Non-voice features

  • Data
    Up to 9600 bps standard operation
    - Up to 56000 bps with V.42 bis compression
    - Direct RS232 PC connection with seperately available Motorola Smart CELLect™ modem for V50 phone
  • Fax
    - Alternate between Fax and Voice (TS61)
  • Overflow indication
  • Text messaging
    - Cell broadcast
    - Delete all messages
    - Phone book access
    - Receive short messages
    - Send short messages
    - Short message reply

Security Features:

  • Phone Lock (Manual/automatic)
  • Restrict Access to Phone directorie
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