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Motorola V60i SIM Free

The Motorola V60i cell phone is an improved version of the Motorola V60. It has many enhancements, that we list below.

Buy Motorola V60i has now been discontinued and is no longer available. See the current range of Motorola Mobile Phones

Buy Motorola V60i SIM Free
Key Benefits of the Motorola V60i:

GPRS 1 Up / 4 down, allows rapid Internet access and an “always on” connection.

Cutting edge features include J2ME downloadable applications.

Whether you’re stressed, bored or simply need a break, play either the embedded or J2ME™ games in your phone.

Entertain your friends by sending them images and sounds.

Distinguish your phone from others with a selection of standard, composable or downloadable ringer tones and ring tone caller ID.

PIM functionality includes: phone book, datebook with alarms, message center, calculator with currency converter.

Motorola V60i Personalisation

  • 2ME™ Applications
  • Mechanical – bezels
  • Downloadable - ringer tones

Motorola V60i J2ME Support

Java “virtual machine” runs on top of UI and enables users to download, store, and run applications & games that they select

Pre-loaded Games: Snood, Snood 21, Astrosmash,Tetris

Memory Limits: 917K dedicated memory for applications. Max application size is approximately 150K. There is 128K dedicated memory for ‘temp files’: high scores, application data, etc.

Downloading More? Get JavaApps menu item Operator “bookmarks” Motorola Café or (will vary by Operator).

Additional Applications to be offered for Download to the Motorola V60i:

Translations Tools for: English, Spanish, German, and French
Bartender’s Friend


Help Wizard


Break Out Lotto Picker Stopwatch


Math Game Tee Time
Casino Pack Measurement Converter Tic Tac Toe



Time Converter
Diet Planner MotoGP V-Rally


Workout Planner

Some example types of applications for the Motorola V60i:

Motorola V60i Email

Messaging: Email

Motorola V60i Games

Entraitainment: Games

Motorola V60i Maps

Database: Maps

Motorola V60i Finance

Transactions: Financial

Motorola V60i Browser

  • Browser now fully integrated into UI
  • Wap 1.2.1 & WTLS class II security

Motorola V60i SMS Enhancements: Chat

  • Chat runs over SMS-no additional operator/network changes needed
  • Compatible with Nokia Chat
  • User chooses Chat ‘name’ & sends initial message to chat partner
  • Partner receives ‘Invitation to chat’ and can accept or ignore
  • Running conversation is shown in chat log
  • Can insert Quicknotes into Chat
  • Only one chat partner (“Peer to Peer”) at a time

Motorola V60i Phonebook Enhancements

Email storage in the phonebook

  • stored to phone memory only
  • envelope icon
  • works with multiple listing view
  • email storage from SMS

Ring tones assigned to phonebook listings

  • Ringtones can use downloaded / composed tones or pre-defined
  • Ability to tell who is calling without opening the phone

Up/Down Navigation on V60i in Number Editor

Menu Tree Changes in the V60i

Reduced the number of items in the main menu

New Built-in Shortcuts

  • Up/Down from Idle Screen
  • Ring & Vib adjust from idle
  • Create message in Message Center
  • Ability to Shortcut URL’s (open browser & go to URL)

Other Cool Features

  • Downloadables: with Motorola Browser, users can download ringtones, animations & images which can automatically be set to screensaver or ringtone.
  • MP3 ‘lite’ player support
  • GPRS Data meters
  • Tri-Band Auto Scanning
  • Screensavers: Animations & images can be used as screensavers
  • New embedded games: Falling numbers, Video Poker




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