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Nokia 3210 - Discontinued

Nokia 3210 Mobile Phone with GSM 900 and GSM 1800. Use Xpress-on covers to persoanlis the phone

Availability of the Nokia 3210

The Nokia 3210 has now been discontinued. To buy an alternative, please consider the Nokia 1100

Other Nokia Mobile Phones available to buy or coming soon..>>

GSM 900 and GSM 1800

Summary Nokia 3210

The Nokia 3210 mobile phone is a fantastic all rounder. Building on the success of the 5110, it has some elegant additions such as the ability to change the front and rear covers well as the key pad. With a decent standby time upto 120 hours and talktime upto 3 hours, the Nokia 3210 still manages to keep a compact design (124 x 50 x 23 mm) and reasonable weight (150g).

Availability of the Nokia 3210

The Nokia 3210 has now been replaced by the newer Nokia 3310 Mobile Phone, which is available to buy online from mPhone's online shop, SIM Free or on any Pay Monthly contract on any network.

Nokia 3210 Specifications

Display Dynamic display layout adjusts automatically for best viewing, including the following display layouts:

  • full graphics layout (used in games and for animations)
  • basic layout:
    - 1 line for softkey
    - signal and battery bar indicator windows
    - 2 or 3 lines for main window depending on the language, and status indicator window
  • message layout
    - 2 to 4 lines for text depending on the language
    - 1 line for softkey
  • phonebook layouts
  • menu layouts

Editing the Nokia 3210

  • ITU-T European keypad printings
  • Language dependent keymappings
  • Special characters under-key while in alpha mode
  • Last digit and full display clear.
  • Full screen cursor editor.
  • Changing character case by pressing # key once
  • Automatic word wrapping
  • Voice mail function with long keypress of 1 key
  • International access (+) function
  • Keyguard to protect against accidental power off and call initiating and answering
  • Illuminated semi-symbol keypad

DTMF tones in the Nokia 3210

  • DTMF (Dual Tone Multi Frequency) signal transmitting, DTMF control characters (pause, wait)


  • Welcome message
  • Own number display if stored on SIM
  • Service provider indicator
  • Voice mail waiting indicator
  • Pre-paid information

Phone book memory fo the Nokia 3210

  • 250 supported in SIM (the actual number of memory locations in SIM is SIM specific)
  • Fetch service: Possible to use a phone number from memory when sending SMS
  • storing Message Centre number
  • storing Voice Mailbox number
  • activating Call Divert to 'other number'

Nokia 3210 Phonebook display options:

  • name with Large font (Standard)
  • name list
  • name and number

Phone number in large font by pressing # key

Business card sending

CLI ringing - assignment of a ringing to for every caller recognised in the phone book.

Several persons can have the same number thus forming a group

SDN Service dialling numbers (dynamic, operator dependant), operator may send a set of service numbers for customer's use


  • Automatic selection based on SIM card language (Phase 2 SIM)
  • Supported user interface languages in GSM 900/PCN1800 (these are the available languages, the phone language set varies in different market areas).

Tone control

  • Number of ringing tones: 40
    - 38 fixed
    - 1 OTA (Over-the-air)
    - 1 Composed
  • Ringing types: ascending ringing, beep once, normal ringing, ring once, off
  • Keypad tone levels: 4 (from Off to 3)
  • Ringing tone levels: 6 (from Off to 5)
  • SMS alert tones: no tone, standard, special, beep once, ascending
  • Quick alert settings from power-key: Personal, Silent, Discreet, Loud
  • Ringing tone composer with send option

Voice volume control

  • Number of volume levels: 10
  • Separate voice volume level settings for handportable, car hands free (plug and play), and headset mode
  • In-call volume control with scroll keys

Power control

  • Automatic power save if no network available

Call management

Call ID control

Call timers

Call divert

Advice of charge

Recent calls list

Short Message Service

  • Mobile Originated (MO), send
  • Mobile Terminated (MT), receive
  • Message class 0, 1,2,3, supported
  • Easy to call number in message
  • Sent message delivery report
  • Replace message
  • Cell broadcast
  • Operator logo receiving
  • Predictive text input for SMS

Note1: Some of the above features are network dependent.

Note2: In the case of local network dependent features or other market specific features (such as languages), parties shall agree separately in writing if the feature is activated.

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