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Nokia 6212 NFC (Near Field Communication) Mobile Phone - Nokia 6212 Classic

The Nokia 6212 NFC has stylish features, including 'Near Field Communication' technology" to make life a bit easier with just a simple touch. Keep in touch with friends Share images and videos you have created by simply touching another NFC handset with your device.

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Nokia 6212 NFC Classic Specifications & Features:

  • 2 Inch TFT 16 Million Colour Screen (240 x 320 Pixels)
  • 2 Megapixel Camera; Flash; Dedicated Camera Key; Landscape Mode
  • Phone Book; Calendar; To Do List; Notes
  • Alarm Clock; Stop Watch; Countdown Timer; World Clock
  • Converter
  • Push to Talk
  • NFC Near Field Communication
  • Bluetooth
  • Memory: 22 Mbytes Memory Plus MicroSD™ Memory Card Option up to 4 Gbytes
  • 3.4 Hours Talk Time
  • 300 Hours Standby
  • Video Streaming
  • 3G Video Call
  • Quad Band Technology (GSM 850, GSM 900, GSM 1800 & GSM 1900)
Nokia 6212 NFC (Near Field Communication) Mobile Phone - Nokia 6212 Classic

Nokia 6212 NFC Classic

The Nokia 6212 NFC is classic bar designed 3G capable mobile phone which comes in a solid casing which has smooth curved edges. The casing is black in colour & comes with well indicated blue coloured keypad complete with well sized keys for ease of use. The 6212 Classic has a large high colour screen which displays up to 16 million colours on a high resolution screen with a screen resolution of 240 pixels by 320 pixels.This stylish phone is the first mobile phone to incorporate a new feature known as NFC technology which stands for Near Field Communication. The way the NFC technology works is to provide a short distance connection between two compatible devices which allows payments & identification information to be exchange between the two devices.

The Nokia 6212 Classic supports 3G technology which provides the user with high speed connectivity, 3G video calling capabilities & multitasking capabilities on their handset. The phone comes with a second camera which is used for 3G video calling & allows the user to communicate with other compatible users in a face to face video call. The Nokia 6212 Classic supports both EDGE technology & GPRS which allows the user to experience high speed transfer & download rates on their new mobile phone.

This desirable handset comes with a built in FM stereo radio feature which provides much entertainment for the user on the move & comes complete with a visual radio feature which allows the user to view information on screen whilst listening to the radio feature. The user can store their music on the 6212 Classic which can be played back on the built in music player which supports popular music file formats. The phone comes with preloaded games which will keep the user entertained & the user can download more games to suit their gaming needs if required. The mobile phone comes with easy to access every day features including a world clock feature, converter, countdown timer & an alarm clock feature. The user can enjoy recording moving video footage or capturing still pictures using the built in two megapixel digital camera feature. The user can store, edit or even share their video recordings & pictures with other via the MMS picture messaging service. The built in picture & video features allow the user to capture & store their experiences quickly & easily on the Nokia 6212 Classic.

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