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Nokia 6250 SIM Free Mobile Phone

Nokia 6250 SIM Free mobile phone from mPhone Online

Availability of the Nokia 6250

The Nokia 6250 handsets has now been discontinued and is no longer available. See our current range of Tough / Rugged Mobile Phones.


The Nokia 6250 at a Glance

  • Weight: 167g
  • Dimensions (min.- max): 142 x 50-58 x 23-27 mm, 159 cc
  • Talktime: 3 h 15 min - 5 h 50 min
  • Standby time: 72 h - 336 h *
  • Key features: superior durability (shock resistant, water resistant & dust resistant*), high-performance, usability in tough environments, WAP services *, advanced wireless connectivity, voice dialling, predictive text input, task journal, automatic volume control
  • Display: illuminated high-resolution, full-graphics display, up to 5 lines for text, numbers and graphics, 7-bar battery and signal status indicators, adjustable contrast
  • Dual band GSM 900/GSM 1800 networks, supports Extended GSM 900 band (EGSM)
The most durable phone ever made by Nokia

The Nokia 6250 introduces a new category of Nokia mobile phones. It is a tough, durable phone for outdoor use and in demanding conditions. The Nokia 6250 is built tough inside and out. Thanks to the water resistant membranes and sealing, internal cushioning and other advanced mechanical solutions, the Nokia 6250 is water resistant, dust resistant and shock resistant. *

High performance

The Nokia 6250 operates in EGSM 900 and GSM 1800 networks, and offers seamless roaming between the two networks. With its in-built antenna, the Nokia 6250 offers excellent reception and transmission. It has talk time of over 4 hours and standby time of over a week in standard conditions. *

Usability in tough environments

The Nokia 6250 is an advanced efficiency tool for tough communications situations. It features a large high resolution display with manual contrast adjustment, and enhanced 7-bar battery and signal status indicators. The automatic volume control automatically increases or decreases the loudspeaker volume level to cope with background noise. For ease of use, the keyboard of the phone features well-proportioned buttons, while predictive text input allows easy and fast creation of text messages.

WAP services
With the Nokia 6250 you can access mobile Internet services such as banking, email, ticket sales, news and sports. *

Advanced wireless connectivity
The infrared link of the Nokia 6250 allows wireless connectivity with a compatible phone or PC, and supports data transmission speeds of up to 14.4 kb/s.

Time and life management
The Nokia 6250 has a comprehensive set of features specifically included for those who work in the field:

  • Task journal to keep track of working times and expenses, and to store various comments. Data can be transferred to a compatible PC and to another SMS compatible phone
  • Monthly, weekly and daily viewed calendar with PC synchronisation
  • Selectable keypad lock time & (un)lock code
  • Stopwatch and standard time functions
  • Currency conversion from idle mode
  • Timed profiles
  • Sound level meter to measure surrounding noise level (Please note: due to limitations set by mobile phone technology, this function cannot be used as a replacement for a professional dB meter)
  • PC Suite for Nokia 6250
Nokia 6250 Mobile Phone - Full Specifications:Nokia 6250 from mPhone online shop

Weight: 167 g
Dimensions (min.- max): 142 x 50-58 x 23-27 mm, 159 cc

Durability *
Water resistant
Dust resistant
Shock resistant
(* For more detailed information e.g. on time limits and endurance, please see the specifications provided with the phone.)

High resolution, illuminated, full-graphics dynamic display, adjustable contrast, 96 x 60 pixels, 30.6 mm x 24.1 mm, 7-bar battery and signal status indicators.

Memory functions
Large dynamic memory:
Up to 255 names in phonebook (3 numbers and 1 text) or 5 numbers and 2 texts.
Up to 66 text only messages, 22 picture messages, or any combination of these.
Up to 220 calendar notes.

Voice dialling
Memory for 8 numbers

Predictive text input
Predictive text input for over 10 languages

Short Message Services
Send and receive message up to 160 characters

Picture messaging
Send pictures with text to other compatible phones
Graphical CLI icons

Dual band operation
EGSM 900, GSM 1800 and GSM 900/1800 dual-band networks. Automatic switching between the bands.

Language Options
Supports major European and Asian languages. Offered in various language packages.

Hardware characteristics
Advanced durable mechanical solutions
Internal antenna
Internal vibra alert
Real-time clock with backup cell
Sound level meter (dB representation*)

* Due to limitations set by mobile phone technology, can not be used as a replacement for a professional dB meter.

Voice recognition algorithm in DSP
Extended performance through 3V technology
Triple codecs (HR, FR, EFR)

Personalization options
User selectable keypad lock time with lock and unlock code
Timed Profiles (provide the option to specify the length of time to remain in one profile)
Voice dialling integrated in user interface style
Ascending ringing tones
Personal alert tones
Over-the-air phone downloads (ringing tone, phone-book)
Feature customisation supports full range of operator air time providing applications
3 Games (Snake II, Opposite, Pairs II)
Alarm clock

Advanced wireless solutions
WAP 1.1 browser
Data support 9.6 & 14.4 kbps
Infrared for wireless communication between phone and compatible PC.
Infrared transfer of names, phone numbers and calendar notes between compatible phones.
Over-the-air activation for sending/receiving picture messages, names and numbers (business cards), caller group logos, calendar notes and receiving ringing tones, operator logos and WAP settings.

professional applications
Task journal to keep track of working hours and expenses, and also for storing various comments.
Advanced calendar.
Automatic volume control that automatically increases or decreases the loudspeaker volume level to cope with background noise.
Currency conversion from idle mode.
Stopwatch in addition to standard time functions.

With PC Suite for Nokia 6250 it's easy to transfer data between the phone and a compatible desktop or notebook PC. You can synchronise calendar entries and names in the Phone book, compose personal ringing tones or make your own graphics. PC Suite is compatible with MS Schedule 7.x and MS Outlook 97/98 and communicates either via the IrDA infrared link or via the Nokia DLR-3P serial cable. PC Suite for Nokia 6250 will be downloadable at Nokia web pages in the near future.

Power Management Talk time Standby time Charging times
APC-8 / APC-7
Internal Battery
(BLL-2) Li-Ion
1200 mAh 167 g
3 h 15 min -
5 h 50 min 72 - 336 h 2 h 45min /
4 h 30min Variation in operation times will occur depending on SIM card, network settings and usage. Talk time is increased by up to 30% if Half Rate is active, and reduced by 5% if Enhanced Full Rate is active.

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