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Nokia 8210 Mobile Phone from mPhone Online Store

Nokia 8210 Mobile Phone from mPhone Online Store


The Nokia 8210 Mobile Phone has now been discontinued.

Nokia 8210 at a Glance 

In Weight: 79 g with Li-Ion battery n 

Dimensions: 101.5 x 44.5 x 17.4 mm, 66 cc n Talktime / standby time: 2 h - 3 h 20 min / 50 - 150 h n 

Key features: slim & light, voice dialing, Xpress-on™ covers, picture messaging, predictive text input n 

Display: illuminated high-contrast, full-graphics display, 5 lines for text and graphics n Colours: six Xpress-on™ covers available.

Nokia 8210 Main Features

Slim and light, Weighing 79 grams, the Nokia 8210 is the lightest Nokia mobile phone ever. It's also the smallest and slimmest, fitting in the palm of your hand.

Changeable Xpress-on™ covers. The Nokia 8210 is a phone you wear. Change the colour when it suits you. Click off the Xpress-on™ cover and click on a new one.

Voice dialling. The simplest way to dial is to press one button and say a name. You can save up to eight names and numbers in the Nokia 8210 for voice dialling.

Picture messaging. Sometimes you can say more with a picture than with words, and sometimes a picture is just more fun. With the Nokia 8210 you can send and receive pictures to and from other Nokia mobile phones supporting picture messaging.

Predictive text input. You can write short messages on the Nokia 8210 fast, by pressing a key just once for each letter. The Nokia 8210 has a built-in dictionary, with support for major European languages, which enables you to write faster than with a conventional keypad. 
Some features are network dependent.


The Nokia 8210 works with the Nokia Music Player, available to buy from mPhone online. More details ..>>

Full Specifications of the Nokia 8210


Weight: 79 g (Lithium Battery)
Dimensions: 101.5 x 44.5 x 17.4 mm, 66 cc


Illuminated high-contrast, full-graphics display
Up to 5 lines for text, numbers, graphics 

Memory functions

250 names and numbers in phone, up to 250 in SIM
Memory for 50 calendar notes 

Voice dialling

Memory for 8 numbers 

Predictive text input

Support for major European languages
Built-in dictionary database 

Short Message Service

Send and receive messages of up to 160 characters 

Picture messaging

Send picture together with text
Send and receive to/from Nokia 8210, Nokia 3210, Nokia 8850 mobile phones 

Dual band operation

GSM 900/1800 automatic switching between bands
Supports Extended GSM 900 band (EGSM) 

Smart Messaging

TTML browser to receive new menu items to your phone making it easy to access services from the operator 

32 language options available

Supports major European and Asian languages offered in various language packages 

Advanced wireless solutions

Infrared and internal data for wireless communication between phone and compatible PC or printer (no additional equipment required).

Infrared transfer of names and phone numbers between compatible phones.

Over-the-air activation for sending/receiving e.g. phone numbers and receiving e.g. ringing tones and CLI icons

Business card sending/receiving.

9.6 kb/s data speed.

PC Suite for Nokia 8210

Use the PC Suite for Nokia 8210 to write SMS messages on your compatible PC and then send them to another GSM phone. Fast and easy! You can also update your phonebook's memory on your compatible PC and download your e-mails. All this via infrared.

Power Management

  Talk time Standby time  Charging time (ACP-7) Fast charging (ACP-8)
Standard Battery (BLB-2)

650 mAh, Li-Ion

2 h - 

3 h 20 min

50 - 150 h 2 h 25 min 1 h 40 min

Variation in operation times will occur depending on SIM card, network settings and usage. Talk time is reduced by 5% if Enhanced Full Rate is active, and increased by up to 30% if Half Rate is active. 

Some features are network dependent.

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