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Panasonic GD-87 - discontinued

The Panasonic GD-87 shows just how much the mobile phone has evolved. More than simply a device for talking, the Panasonic GD-87 is the complete communication tool which lets you send text messages, take photos with a built-in camera, and enjoy vibrant colour images and sound.

Use the camera to take great photos wherever, whenever. You can attach photos to email messages or turn them into wallpaper for the GD87's large TFT colour display. The Panasonic GD-87 also comes with IrDA for easy data exchange with your PC.

The Panasonic GD-87 SIM Free phone works on all UK Networks with any SIM (contract or Pay As You Go) including Virgin, Orange, T Mobile, mmO2 and Vodafone. It will also work on any GSM SIM cards in Europe, Asia and the World, including North America.

Panasonic GD-87 SIM Free Panasonic GD87


Mobile Camera

The GD87's 110,000-pixel CMOS camera comes with a self-timer for those group shots you don't want to miss out on!

Enhanced colour display

The GD87 has a 65,536-colour TFT display which brings out the full beauty of the photos you take and makes playing the built-in game more fun.

Large 2.1-inch Full-Colour Display

The large, full-colour display makes it easy to read the phonebook, long email messages, and functions on the menu. It displays images you receive as email attachments in vivid colours with subtle tones.

Decorate your screen with your favourite images

Choose any of five built-in image patterns to use as your idle screen. Or, you can take a photo with the built-in camera and use it as the wallpaper for your phone.

Gaming is Fun

The GD87 comes with one built-in game, Herding Sheep, for quick, easy entertainment at any time.

16-Polyphonic Ringtones

Create your own melodies and sounds for use as ring tones. The GD87's high-quality, 16-tone polyphonic sound will clearly distinguish your phone from others. In addition to the sounds built in to the GD87, you can create your own distinctive melodies

Assign ring tones to caller groups

You can arrange people who frequently call you in groups, and assign a unique ring tone to each group. For example, use one ring tone for colleagues at work and another for family and friends. Then, when someone calls, the ring tone tells you whether it's a work call or a private call.

Clamshell Design

The stylish GD87 is a clamshell design with curves in all the right places. An external sub-LCD lets you see who's calling even with the phone closed. Open the phone to show your favourite photos to friends, or close it to take self-portraits.

Other Features of the Panasonic GD-87

The GD87 includes IrDA, which makes it easy to transfer data to and from your PC.

Picture Phonebook
The Picture Phonebook makes it easier and more fun to search for a number. When you register someone's name and number, you can also add a photo of them or some other image to the phonebook.

SMS Chat

Have fun with the Panasonic GD-87 chatting with short text messages.

SMS Group Send

Send an email message simultaneously to everyone in a registered group. You can register two groups, each with up to 10 addresses. Use one for people at work, the other for friends and family.

Navigation Key

The Navigation Key makes it easy to select from the GD87's many functions. The key operates in five directions (up, down, left, right, in) when you're selecting a function with the launcher icon or playing a game. When you use the GD87's built-in camera, the Navigation Key serves as the shutter button.

IrDA Compatibility

The GD87's IrDA compatibility opens the door to completely wireless communication. Use the GD87 to send photos, melodies, and other data to another IrDA-compatible phone with ease and convenience. In addition, the PC Editor Tool software allows simple data exchange between the GD87 and your PC. For example, you can transfer photos taken with the GD87 to your PC, save them, print them, or use them in a variety of creative ways.


Use the GD87 as a scheduler. Register dates and events you want to remember, and set up the GD87 to alert you when the time comes.

Panasonic GD-87 General Specifications (with battery pack attached)


97.5 x 49 x 23 mm




89 cc

Talk Time:

1.6 - 7.0 hours

Standby Time:

75 - 220 hours


Talk and standby time will be dependent upon network conditions, SIM card, backlight usage, and battery condition.
Prolonged gaming or heavy use of the camera and WAP browser may reduce battery life. To prevent this, please change the key Backlight setting on your phone to off.

Charging Time:

Up to 90 mins

(Fast Travel Charger / Car Charger)

Display size:

132 x 176 pixel

Number of Characters:

Min. 14 Characters x 7 lines



900/1800/1900 MHz tri-band phone

Standard Kit Contents:

Handset + 720mAh Li-ion Battery + Charger + Operating Instructions


Built-in Camera

  • CMOS Camera
  • 5 lux sensitivity
  • Self-Timer Function
  • Picture Editing

65,536-colour TFT Display

16-Polyphonic Ring Tones

Clamshell Design

5 directional Navigation Key

GPRS Class 8 (4 + 1 timeslots)

WAP 1.2.1

WAP 2.0 Provisioning


SMS Group Send

SMS Chat

20 Preset Ring Tones

Download Capability (Ring tones and logos)*


The download service is country and network operator dependent.

Melody Composer (Mono tone)

Voice Memo

Vibration Alert

Built-in Game

T9 Text Input

Graphic User Interface

Desktop Handsfree

Voice Dialing

Phone Book Memory 200 + SIM

Internal Modem

Auto World Clock and Alarm

Calendar and Scheduler

Calculator and Currency Converter

SIM Toolkit


Specifications are subject to change without notice. The availability of certain features may be dependent on the manner in which the telephone is used or installed. Performance of the telephone is subject to the coverage and availability of service provided by your chosen network operator.

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