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Samsung K5 music player with slide-out speaker

This lightweight MP3 Player has a heavy portfolio including an innovative touch screen, FM radio receiver, and built-in speakers. The K5 enables you to share your music experience with others.

Samsung K5 Specifications

  • Available with 4GB Memory capacities
  • Flash Storage Device
  • Plays MP3,WMA
  • FM Tuner
  • Digital Clock
  • Playback time up to 30 hrs. with earphones (up to 6 hrs with spkr)
  • Firmware upgradeable
  • Built-in Li-Poly rechargeable battery
  • Magnesium form factor

Samsung K5 music player in action

A mini boom box, this revolutionary MP3 player defies engineering forces of nature by squeezing a high-end music player complete with a slide-out speaker into a slim compact form.

Tune into the radio without being tied down to it The K5 allows you to personalize your alarm sound with your choice of music. The alarm automatically switches on to ring the alarm, even when your K5 is switched off and a snooze option allows you to sleep for just a little longer when you need to.

At night, a timer function and auto turn off function enable you to groove yourself to sleep.

Bass-enhanced Sound Earphones For times when you want to keep the music to yourself, use the accompanying state-of-the-art earphones with two-part buds that offer a bass-enhanced sound experience.

Digital Natural Sound engine technology

Have access to your complete library of music, by interfacing with your PC to quickly and easily download music files via USB 2.0. The PlaysForSure-compatible K5 stores up to 500 songs for the 2GB unit.

DNSe Surround Sound With DNSe, Samsung's proprietary Digital Natural Sound engine technology, the K5 offers virtual surround sound. This guarantees great volume, no distortion, and a more natural and accurate higher quality sound, even with just two small speakers.

In addition, 5 modes of Preset EQ allow you to customize the sound experience to suit the style of music. These advanced music functions allow you to enjoy the same acoustic wow that you would hear from your home stereo.

Excellent quality speakers

Poised for sound A gentle nudge from the thumb and the attached speaker effortlessly slides out and automatically pivots to position the speakers for optimal sound acoustics.

At the same time, the K5 utilizes an interface that automatically switches from vertical to horizontal view, offering the ultimate in UI convenience.

Engineered to produce a sound comparable to your home stereo system, this tiny device packs high sound fidelity.

With a minimum number of keys, simplified system and look of minimalism, Samsung’s K5 is all about functional style and superior sound

Memories of 25,000 days Enjoy a personalized picture slideshow as you listen; the K5 stores up to 25,000 JPEG photos (15,000 for 1GB), allowing you to carry 25,000 memories with you.

Use your photos as your MP3 player's screensaver, beautifully framed on the OLED display in brilliant 128x160 pixel resolution.

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