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Sony Ericsson K700 (discontinued)

Sony Ericsson K700 Specifications at a glance:

  • Tri-band GSM 900, 1800 and 1900 phone
  • Zoom digital camera with video
  • TFT 65K colour screen
  • QuickShare™
  • Bluetooth
  • FM radio
  • MP3 Player
  • GPRS and WAP
  • Polyphonic ringtones 
Sony Ericsson K700


Dual fronts

Get acquainted with the Sony Ericsson K700. This camera phone initiates the dawning of a new era in mobile imaging. Equipped with a large high-quality colour screen and a VGA camera that also does video, the K700 is a device with dual fronts. As much a camera as it is a phone. Or, to rephrase: as much a phone as it is a camera.

Sharing the way it should be - QuickShare™

Hi-tech products should be easy to use. That's Sony Ericsson created QuickShare™. Where you are - on a safari holiday, on business in the concrete jungle or simply enjoying a party animal lifestyle in nightclubs - doesn't really matter. Keeping in touch with friends, colleagues and family is never more than a few thumb-clicks away. So, snap your pictures and send them to anyone anywhere in the world instantly. That's what QuickShare™ is all about: Keeping sharing to a couple of clicks.

Playing your tune

Regardless if you fancy jazz or have a passion for pop, the K700’s got what it takes to satisfy you. Just tune into your favorite radio station with the built-in FM radio.


The design statement

"The K700's design unveils a new generation of ultra-compact digital camera phones.

The beautiful 3-tone harmony between the metallic blast-finished body, the contrasting subdued soft-feel frame and the hairline brushed metal bezel and back conveys a higher sense of quality."

You can sense the pride in Creative Producer Henrik Jensfelt's voice when he talks about the K700. It's understandable. And although new and innovative, the classic and sober design builds on a Sony Ericsson heritage.


Camera in focus. Smart imaging style.

Noticed the resemblance between the K700 and a sophisticated digital camera? Looks do not deceive here - the K700 VGA camera comes with features such as a photo light for better pictures and brightness adjustment. Add to that: Image quality nothing short of excellent. The K700 is an imaging device out of the ordinary.

Nearly there!

Get closer. Examine details. Experiment, explore and snap away. The 4x digital zoom allows your photographic creativity to flow. To organise your pictures, try the Adobe Photoshop Album 2.0 Starter Edition.

This software (included in the phone kit) helps you locate and share pictures in a snap. 

Big-screen viewing

The large (176x220 pixels) TFT screen is capable of displaying 65,536 colours and created for your viewing pleasure. If you want to look at your pictures on an even bigger screen, plug a Bluetooth™ Media Viewer MMV-100 into your TV. Sending pictures from the K700 to your TV is easy. No need for cables or wires - it's all done via Bluetooth™.

Multimedia messaging

Say it in words. Or any other way you like. The K700 supports MMS, allowing you to compose your messages with animations, video clips, pictures and sounds. Great for sending home a holiday greeting, great for asking for instant advice when shopping. And great fun. The K700 also supports EMS, email and SMS.

Video moments

You can also use the VGA camera to record short video clips. Ideal for saving fun moments - the 32 MB memory gives you plenty of storage space. Or share your video clip with friends via MMS.

However, all great directors rely on a good editor. Use the Sony Ericsson Video Editor (included in the phone kit) for that final cut.

QuickShare™ - sharing made easy

Ease of use. That's the basis for OuickShare™. This is the fastest, easiest and smartest way to share images with friends and family. A few clicks is all it takes to snap your picture and send it to anyone anywhere in the world.

QuickShare™ also makes it easy to share with Bluetooth-enabled PDAs, PCs and printers.

Instant Messaging - My Friends

The My Friends feature works as a mobile chat room. You see who's online and you can send messages to entire contact lists or single users.


Music machine, radio freedom

Listen to the news or tune in to your favourite hit station with the built-in FM radio. Combine it with a Bluetooth™ Handsfree set, such as the HBH-65, and keep the phone in your bag - or just listen through the internal speaker.

With the K700, you don’t have to leave your music at home. The K700 comes equipped with a Media Player, allowing you to play your own MP3s – and even streamed or downloaded video clips.

Gaming satisfaction   

Fast download, a Java engine and the fantastic 65K screen: The K700 satisfies your craving for a full gaming experience.

You'll find exciting games embedded in your phone, and many more are available for download. And with the 32 MB memory, there’s lots of room for fun.

It's a call, it's music   

The K700 supports 40 polyphonic voices - so your phone can play many tones simultaneously. Your incoming calls: the sound of music.

Your K700 comes with a number of pre-stored ringtones. When you feel like a little more individuality, use the built-in Music DJ™ to create your very own, personal ringtone.

Optional image fun   

Create your online image gallery. Use the Image editor to adjust, scale, crop or simply enhance your pictures. ColourMailer is a service to create print copies.

Both are available on Fun & Downloads.


Stay in business

The K700 is in business. Let your K700 be at the core of your everyday work. Take advantage of Bluetooth™ wireless technology, and combine your K700 with Sony Ericsson Bluetooth™ accessories: Wireless headsets, in-car solutions – and the Media Viewer MMV-100, which allows you to view images (or even PowerPoint slides!) stored in your K700 on bigger screens.

You can also use the K700 as a remote control for your computer. Get your PowerPoint presentation started, and slide through it with your K700. The K700 can also be used as a modem in combination with your PC or laptop.

The many ways to connect

A cable is included for easy connectivity to your computer. If you prefer it wireless, the K700 supports both Bluetooth™ and infrared.

High transfer speed

With GPRS, the K700 sends data in "packets" at a very high speed. And you remain connected to the network at all times.

Always synchronised...

Keep your work tools - calendars, contacts, task lists - updated and synchronised.

The K700 uses SyncML, a language for synchronising all devices and applications over any network.

...always organised.

The File Manager works pretty much as a PC's Windows Explorer. The old, familiar file tree makes it easy to transfer, manage and organise files: You just drag and drop.


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