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Ericsson T28 WORLD Mobile Phone with GSM 1900

Ericsson T28 World Mobile Phone with GSM 1900 Ericsson T28 World for GSM 900 / GSM 1900 works in the USA, Canada / North America and most of the World.

Availability of the T28 World: NOW DISCONTINUED

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Introducing the Ericsson T28 World with GSM 1900

Ericsson T28 World GSM1900 is the smallest and most innovative mobile phone produced by Ericsson to date. Based on new technology and a unique design platform the phone's exterior features a new, arched design, which creates a series of finely balanced contours lending it all the clarity and sophistication traditionally associated with Scandinavian design. T28 World is finished in a range of distinctive colours and houses the most up-to-date technology including a new menu system that is easily navigated.

With Ultra Slim Battery BUS-10
Size 97x 50x 15 mm
weight: 90 grams

Features of the T28 WORLD GSM1900 Phone

e-GSM (Extended GSM)*
Two Line Service*
Fixed Dialling Numbers*
Calling Line Identification*
NITZ, Network Identity Time Zone
SIM Application Toolkit*
Alternate Line Service*
Advice of Charge Charging*
Advice of Charge Information*
Call waiting*
Call hold*
Conference call*
Call transfer*
Call barring*
Helptexts and Shortcuts
Status lists
Call Screening
Voice Dialling
Voice Answering
Active Flip
Vibrating Alert
Ericsson ring signal logotype
Phone book for 99 names and numbers
Last dialed number store
Last received number redial
Missed calls list

* = Operator supported feature

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