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Sony Ericsson T310 - Discontinued

The Sony Ericsson T310 SIM Free has been discontinued and is no longer available.

See the current range of Sony Ericsson Mobile Phones.

Sony Ericsson T310 for GSM 900/1800/1900

The Sony Ericsson T310 tri-band phone will work with any GSM SIM card in the World, on contract or Pre-Pay / Pay As You Go. You simply insert your SIM card and carry on using your line as before. The Sony Ericsson T310 SIM Free will work on all UK networks like O2, Vodafone, Orange, T-Mobile, Virgin and Fresh. It will also work on all GSM networks in North America such as T Mobile (Voicestream), Cingular and AT&T GSM service. In Canada it will work with Fido SIM cards as well as other GSM providers. The Sony Ericsson T310 SIM Free will also work on any Network in Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand.


Sony Ericsson T310
Sony Ericsson T310

Sony Ericsson T310 Overview

Can you handle the heat?

The T310 ups the ante, taking mobile fun to a sizzling new level.

Its sleek curves and colour display radiate attention-grabbing attitude. And beneath the surface, there’s an explosive mix of gaming, imaging, messaging and customisation features that give you the power to adapt the phone to express your personality.

With the Sony Ericsson T310 - Show the world who you really are.

T310 Design

Phone dimensions:
  • 104x49x19 mm
  • Flaming Gold
  • Fashion Blue
  • Funky Purple

I’m one of a kind, just like my phone

Stand out from the crowd with the T310’s unique, innovative design. Instantly recognisable with its relaxed, understated shape and wide-screen look, this elegant phone casually takes its place on the cutting edge.

The life inside

Easy navigation. Uncluttered styling. Functional fashion for modern individuals.

Share pleasure with your network.

Beneath the T310’s assured exterior beats the heart of an entertainment colossus! Play branded games, experience colour imaging and use fun apps to share the pleasure with your network of friends and family. Ceaselessly stimulating. Effortlessly entertaining.

Sony Ericsson T310 - Imaging and Messaging

With colour comes pleasure

The T310 boasts a 256-colour, 101x80-pixel screen for an outstanding visual experience. Snap on an MCA-25 CommuniCam™ and you’re instantly ready to take pictures, capturing your experiences as they happen – in colour. Store your pictures in your camera, phone or web album, or transfer them to your PC via infrared.

Share your inspiration

MMS is the ideal way to send and receive pictures and sound, making your messages more personal. Use the MMS application in the T310, or download MMS Home Studio and start creating your own slideshows.

Picture pals

Why not use the images you receive from friends to customise your phone?

T310 Entertainment

Recreation stations!

T310 is the most playful phone you’ll find: the joystick, striking colour graphics, force feedback and 32-voice polyphonic sound add up to a thrillingly sophisticated mobile gaming experience.

The world is your playground

And the games just keep on giving. Download new titles via WAP. Upload high scores and go head-to-head with mobile gamers world-wide. Have you got what it takes to be a gaming grandmaster?

Sony Ericsson T310 Connectivity

It’s more fun to connect

It’s child’s play to broaden your horizons with the T310’s advanced connectivity tools. Just one SMS sets up services like WAP and email, then you’re ready for action. Select “New game?” in the game menu and you go directly to the download page.

The future is networked

Send images using e-mail or MMS, or seek out new ringtones and themes to share with other phones via infrared. The future is networked. The future is now.

T310 Goddies

My phone shows who I am

Your appearance is always changing – so why not your phone? Customising your T310 to reflect your personality is a cinch.

Release your creativity

Use the preloaded themes, background images, screensavers and ringtones. Visit Fun & Downloads to get more, or release your creativity and do it yourself. My phone shouts “me!”. Does yours?

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