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Ericsson T66 Mobile Phone

Buy Ericsson T66 Mobile Phone SIM Free, Vodafone T-66


For creative messaging and fast connections, buy Ericsson T66 Mobile Phone from mPhone's online shop

The Ericsson T66 has now been discontinued.

Simfree phones are not locked / unlocked and can work on any GSM Network. The T66 is a World Phone as it is a tri-band handset.

A SIM Free Phone can work on any GSM network. Available on Vodafone contract. Accessories for the T-66 will be under the SIM Free section, all at cheap prices!

mPhone on-line from London UK, deliver to most countries in the World, though credit cards are only accepted from selected countries such as Europe, USA and Canada.


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Announcement of the T66

Ericsson (eriksson) announced the T66 - its smallest and lightest mobile phone to date - compact enough to fit in the smallest pocket. T66 comes in two colors, Silver Supreme and Purple Passion.

At roughly the same length and width as a credit card, T66 is extremely small. It weighs only 59 grams and its streamlined design includes a built-in antenna. The T66 has a standby time up to 150 hours and many user-friendly features packed into a neat unit. The T66 has several enhanced messaging features and is compatible with GSM900/1800/1900 for international coverage.

Message with flair

The Ericsson T-66 includes Enhanced Messaging Service (EMS), a chat function, and WAP. With EMS, communicating via a mobile phone becomes more fun, creative and personal. EMS allows users to send and receive pictures, sound effects and melodies along with SMS text messages. The phone comes complete with a wide range of pre-installed pictures and melody options. Users can store downloaded pictures and melodies from the Mobile Internet.

Another great new feature of the T66 is the mobile chat - point-to-point messaging between two phones that support mobile chat. It works in a similar way to Internet-based chat, where users exchange instant messages with each other.

Packed with features

T66 makes it easy to stay up-to-date with the latest information using the Mobile Internet. Users can shop, bank or browse information via the phone from the wide range of WAP sites. T66 also incorporates the advanced WTLS security system, which encrypts sensitive information such as credit card details, for safer online transactions.

T66 has a highly useful calendar that makes it possible to store details about appointments, dates and tasks in the phone. T66 will even provide a reminder for important dates and deadlines.

About the Ericsson T-66 Mobile Phone

T66 is one of the smallest and lightest mobile phones ever made. Fun and good looking, T66 has all the functions you need for voice, messaging and WAP. T66 has EMS (Enhanced Messaging Service) to send text messages with pictures and sounds, WAP 1.2.1, Mobile chat and a useful calendar. Add a wide range of features and an impressive large display for your comfort and you have T66 – unique and charming mobile phone.



Talk time:
Standby time:

92x41x17,5 mm
59 g
Purple Passion
Silver Supreme
2 - 5 hrs
150 hrs
Triple band GSM 900/
1800 and 1900
Core features
EMS (enhanced messaging)
Predictive text input
Option key
WAP 1.2.1
Mobile chat
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