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Sony Ericsson T707 Compact 3G Phone - Discontinued

The Sony Ericsson T707 with 3.2 Megapixel camera with photo fix. The phone features gesture control sweep your hand back and forth in front of the camera and you can mute incoming calls. Other features include Bluetooth, Internet access and a FM radio.

Sony Ericsson T707 Compact 3G Phone Key Features:

3G Dual Screen Flip Phone
MMS (Multimedia Messaging)
Gesture Control
400 Hours HSDPA Standby
3G HSDPA Technology
YouTube Compatible Internet
Music Player with Album Art
TrackID Music Feature
3.2 Megapixel Camera with Digital Zoom
Internal 2.2 Inch 262k TFT Colour Screen (240 x 320 Pixels)
External 1.1 Inch Mono Screen (128 x 36 Pixels)
3.2 Megapixel Camera
Digital Zoom
LED Flash
FM Radio RDS
Bluetooth Stereo A2DP
MP3, AAC & Polyphonic Ringtones
Quad Band (GSM 850, GSM 900, GSM 1800 & GSM 1900)
HSDPA 2100
YouTube Compatible
Memory & Talk Time
100 Mbytes Memory plus Memory Stick Micro (M2) Support up to 16 Gbytes
10 Hours GSM Talk Time
4 Hours HSDPA Talk Time
400 Hours GSM Standby
400 Hours HSDPA Standby
2 Hours Video Calling Time
weight:95 g
Dimensions:93 x 50 x 14.1 mm

Sony Ericsson T707 Compact 3G Phone

Sony Ericsson T707 Compact 3G Phone

The Sony Ericsson T707 is a compact 3G flip phone which has been beautifully designed & will suit both younger mobile phone users as well as the older generation users, due to its easy to use features & its stunning looks. The T707 is a member of the Sony Ericsson T range which also includes other handsets such as the Sony Ericsson T700. The T707 comes in three amazing colours which gives this flip opening phone a truly glamorous look, which include a spring rose coloured casing, a lucid blue coloured casing & a mysterious black coloured casing for the more subtle user to enjoy. This 3G phone has a compact sized casing which can be enjoyed by the user due to the flip design casing. Its overall size makes it easy for the user to carry the phone when not in use which measures 93mm tall by 50mm wide & 14.1mm deep when in its flip closed position. The T707 comes with dual screens which allow the user to view information when the handset is either in its flip closed position or flip open position. Its external screen has a rather cleaver design which blends into the phones casing seamlessly & this mono type screen lights up information which is a useful display for the user. This external screen is approximately 1.1 Inch in size & has a circular shape design which is extremely stylish to view as well as being informative at the same time. The T707 has an internal screen which is 2.2 Inches in size when measures diagonally & comes in a standard rectangular shape design. This internal screen is a TFT type colour screen which displays up to 262,000 colours on a brightly lit display. The Sony Ericsson T707 comes with a pulsating light effect which lights up the handset when a new call comes in & the user can assign a unique light effect to their favourite contacts, so therefore the user will know which contact is calling by the light display being performed on the phone.

This fashion conscious handset works over a GSM quad band network as well as a 3G network which covers GSM 850, GSM 900, GSM 1800, GSM 1900 & HSDPA 2100. The user can enjoy the 3G network coverage on this handset which provides high speed connectivity & other features such as 3G video calling capabilities for the user to enjoy a colourful video call on their T707. The 3G video call can be enjoyed for up to 2 hours on a fully charged battery & the user can use the main camera lens on the back of the casing to capture their expressions or surrounding which can be seen by the other contact. The Sony Ericsson T707 supports a Google Maps function & comes with one hundred megabytes of internal memory as well as supporting an external memory card, which allows the user to add a card in the memory size to suit their requirements. A Micro M2 type memory card can be easily inserted into the T707 & can be up to sixteen gigabytes in size which provides a huge storage option for the user. A rechargeable type battery can be recharged from the power adapter which provides up to ten hours of GSM talk time or up to four hours of 3G HSDPA talk time. This battery allows the user to experience four hundred hours of battery standby time when the handset is not in use. The Sony Ericsson T707 supports two connectivity options which include Bluetooth® wireless technology & USB connectivity. A Bluetooth® connection can be enjoyed between Bluetooth® compatible users who are up to ten metres apart & allows the user to transfer files quickly & easily without using wires or cables. A USB cabled connection can be used to connect the T707 to other USB compatible devices & allows the user to connect their handset to other devices including a personal computer, mobile phone, printer & much more, when transferring data.

An integrated music player can playback music files in many popular formats & this feature provides much entertainment for the user on the move. This music player supports many features which include an album art display which allows the user to view their albums at high speed due to the visual display when looking for a certain track. The T707 can play ringtones in MP3, AAC & polyphonic sound which allows the user to assign a ringtone of their choice to their new handset. A TrackID music recognition feature allows the user to record part of a song they like the sound of, then the music recognition feature will provide the user with the name of the song, artist & the album from which the songs was from, all of this can be carried out within seconds. This compact flip phone comes with a built in radio feature which allows the user to tune into their favourite radio station for radio entertainment on the move. An integrated camera feature has a 3.2 megapixel lens which is situated on the back of the casing & the user can enjoy capturing still pictures as well as video footage using this camera feature. This built in camera supports picture geo tagging which allows the user to store the approximate location where each picture was captured, as this phone only supports optional GPS the location can only be approximate due to the position being based on the nearby mobile station. The user can also enjoy picture blogging which provides an easy way to share pictures with others.

This fashionable handset comes with a wave control function which allows the user to mute calls & silent the alarm clock feature with a simple wave of their hand over the handset. The T707 supports a flight mode function which allows the user to use their handset when on board a plane or in mobile phone restricted areas as the phones radio transmitters are switched off, therefore the user can still use a selection of features on their Sony Ericsson T707 whilst in theses restricted areas. A variety of call features allow the user to pick the best call functions to suit their needs whether it is too assist the user when making a call or whether it be a style of call, for example a speaker phone call. A speaker call feature allows the user to enjoy a call over the phones speakers system therefore providing a loud call which means the user does not need to hold the handset to their ear. The Sony Ericsson T707 comes with an Access NetFront Web browser & supports Web feeds which allow the user to receive news & information updates from their favourite websites. The user can access social network sites such as YouTube & browse the Web for new informative site to suit their needs & interests. This handset supports text messaging, multimedia messaging & a mobile email service which allows the user to stay in contact with others without even making a call. These messaging services are easy to use & allow the user to communicate with other with compatible services.

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