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Vega Leather Holster - Discontinued

New: Vega holsters for the Nokia Communicator

Recent additions to the Vega range include the cases for the Nokia 9500 communicator (1R190) as well as the Nokia 9300 communicator (1R191).



About the Vega leather Holster

The Vega Hand crafted Italian saddle leather holster gives great padding and protection for your phone. Fastens to your belt via a clip or through belt slots.

Available in Tan or Black.


Vega Holster with Nokia 8910i
Vega holster shown with Nokia 8910i
Vega Holster - side view

Vega Holster parts

Note that the middle piece is a belt clip which can be used or removed. The holster also has belt slots which can be used to thread a belt through.

The strap with the "pop" button can be adjusted for length using the attached Velcro strip.

Vega holster shown with Nokia 8910i - side view  

Vega Holster construction

Here you can see the Nokia 8910i inside the Vega leather holster with the holster fully assembled but the retaining strap open.

Note that the Vega Leather holster is made from thick saddle leather with built in padding. There is also flexibility in the elasticated construction, ensuring a good fit but at the same time making it easy for the phone to be inserted and removed.

Vega Leather holster



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