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Nokia 8310

The Nokia 8310 has now been discontinued and is no longer available.


Nokia 8310 GPRS Phones

The Nokia 8310 at a Glance:

  • Availability: Europe, Africa, Asia Pacific
  • Weight: 84 g
  • Dimensions: 97 x 43 x 17 ... 19 mm, 66 cc
  • Talktime: 2,15 - 4 h
  • Standby time:100 - 400 h (20 h radio on)
  • Key features: Latest look and feel, WAP over GPRS, integrated FM radio, user changeable front and back covers, voice features
  • Operating Frequency: EGSM 900/1800 networks in Europe & Africa, and Asia Pacific
  • Colours: Nine Xpress-on™ covers available, six of them are sold as accessories

Designed to turn you on.

Redefine the way you communicate - with the Nokia 8310. You have your own style and the Nokia8310 lets you express it, colourfully, and with a broad range of intelligent features.

A whole is much more than the sum of its parts, and that's especially true with the stylish Nokia 8310. Six different accessory Xpress-on™ covers are available to create diverse colour combinations, so you'll always make the connections you want to make - fashionably.

Every aspect of this mobile phone offers an exciting new perspective on mobile communication. But it's the Nokia 8310's perfect blend of design, lifestyle, and technology that really dazzles. Experience how instant digital services with WAP and GPRS, stylish design and the latest colours, integrated FM radio, and advanced voice features synchronise perfectly with your extraordinary way of living!

The Nokia 8310 introduces a progressive design language, incorporating the latest look and feel in colours, materials, finishes, and design details. Front and back Xpress-on™ covers and a translucent window frame offer a dramatically changeable appearance, allowing more freedom than ever to personalise the phone exterior. Overlapping translucent surfaces and colours make the beauty of this phone more than skin deep. Shiny chrome surface finish on the main function keys, power key, bezel around the display, and battery release button afford it dazzling detail. It also flaunts a white backlight. It is urban and independent, focused yet casual, making it a phone as unique as its individual users.

Main Features of the Nokia 8310

Latest look and feel with the changeable front and back covers

The first thing to catch your eye with the Nokia 8310 is its colourfully complex, translucent aesthetics. Its innovative mix of various materials in combination with nine different dazzling Xpress-on™ colour cover options, makes this mobile phone an extraordinary experience - even at first glance.

The Nokia 8310 is the ultimate personal phone, a chameleon that can take on a multitude of potential colour combinations with its tridimensional surface decor. It breaks new ground in mobile phone design providing a personal fashion tech accessory for people who want to express their unique personal style while having access to the very latest mobile services.


The Nokia 8310 is one of the first Nokia phones supporting GPRS, providing you with instant access to mobile Internet services. Have a look at a restaurant guide or book your flight when you're on the go. Get the latest news from the world of fashion or see what's on the local cinema. With the new Nokia 8310, services are not only faster but also more economical, since you only pay for the information you send and receive.

Integrated FM radio

The Nokia 8310 comes with an array of attractive features such as an integrated FM radio and a dual headset. The new headset makes call and radio management convenient: incoming calls are easily managed while the radio is on and it is possible to browse the Web, play games, write messages, and use the phonebook while listening to the radio.


Voice features (voice dialling, voice command, voice recording)

Your voice has power - especially when you use the Nokia 8310. Simply press one key and say a name you have entered for voice dialling. That's all you have to do before you say 'hello'. And you can also use voice commands to start the radio and change the user profiles - say 'outdoor' for instance to set a louder ringing tone. Anticipating your needs, the Nokia 8310 lets you record up to three minutes - so you can save a voice memo for later.


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