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Ericsson R520 mobile phone
Ericsson R520m mobile phone Streaking silver

About the Ericsson R520

Ericsson R520 tri-band GSM Phone with GPRS, WAP, IrDA, Bluetooth an more, is now exceptional value for money.

The Ericsson R520m works in Europe, UK and USA / Canada, on any GSM network in the World.

The Ericsson R520m has now been discontinued and is no longer available.

See the current range of Sony Ericsson Mobile Phones.

Ericsson R520m tri-band GSM mobile phone


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Ericsson R520m Specifications:

The Ericsson R520 is a phone with exciting physical qualities that creates an ambience of speed, power and precision. Supporting GPRS, it facilitates high-speed transmission of packet data ensuring you remain continuously connected to mobile Internet services.

It also supports High Speed Data as an additional option for fast data transmission, Bluetooth™ wireless technology for complete wireless connectivity and WAP 1.2.1 for secure e-commerce transactions. Its advanced e-mail functionality and PIM capabilities are further enhanced by automatic synchronization to a PC via Internet, Bluetooth™ and infrared technology.

      Features (general)
  • Bluetooth™ wireless technology support
  • Voice control
  • Speaker phone
  • Calendar
  • WAP Browser
  • Email address storage
  • Menu shortcuts
  • Sleeping display
  • Synchronization with PC
  • Infrared port
  • Built-in modem
  • External antenna connector
  • Bookmarks (URL memory)
  • Display light
  • Call Screening
  • Last dialled numbers/Received calls/Missed calls
  • Alarm clock with snooze function
  • Connected Line Identity Presentation (COLP)
  • Games
  • Profiles
  • Ring signal composition
  • Automatic re-dialling
  • SMS counter
  • SMS templates
  • Speed Dial
  • Vibrating Alert
  • SIM Application Toolkit
  • Stopwatch
  • Phone book in phone and on SIM, 511 entries total
GSM 1900
GSM 900
GSM 1800
  • GPRS, General Packet Radio Services
  • High Speed Data (HSCSD)
  • WAP 1.2.1
  • WTLS class 3
  • CSD, Circuit Switched Data (a.k.a GSM Data)
  • Fixed Dialling Numbers
  • SMS Cell Broadcast
  • SMS, long messages (a.k.a concatenated SMS)
  • Call barring
  • Call divert
  • Call hold
  • Call transfer
  • Enhanced Full rate/Full rate and Half rate voice codecs
  • Advice of charge
  • Calling Line Identification
  • Closed User Groups
  • Code memo
  • Conference calls
  • Fixed Dialing Numbers
  • SIM Application Toolkit
  • Two Line Service

Streaking Silver



    talktime upto   standby time upto   Weight
 High Capacity Battery BHC-10
GSM 900   25 hrs   715 hrs   136 gms
GSM 1800   25 hrs   715 hrs   136 gms
GSM 1900   25 hrs   715 hrs   136 gms
 Slim Battery BSL-11
GSM 900   15 hrs   435 hrs   120 gms
GSM 1800   15 hrs   435 hrs   120 gms
GSM 1900   15 hrs   435 hrs   120 gms
 Ultra Slim Battery BUS-11
GSM 900   11 hrs   300 hrs   105 gms
GSM 1800   11 hrs   300 hrs   105 gms
GSM 1900   11 hrs   300 hrs   105 gms
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