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Sony Ericsson T68i - Discontinued

The Sony Ericsson T68i SIM Free has been discontinued and is no longer available.

See the current range of Sony Ericsson Mobile Phones.

Sony Ericsson T68i T68-i, T 68i

Sony Ericsson T68-i Features

As well as an impressive imaging capability, the T68i has GPRS for fast mobile Internet access, great personalization features and organizational tools. Find out all about the T68i here.

T68i Picture phonebook

The advanced T68i contacts features let you add different pictures to the phone numbers of your contacts. When your phone rings, you can really see who's calling! When you meet somebody new, snap on the CommuniCam™ MCA-20, take a picture and add it to their contact information. Or choose a cartoon character to represent a friend... Just be careful when you show off your phone!

Phone album (My pictures)

The T68i comes with a wide selection of pre-installed pictures so you can give the look and style of messages and screen a personal touch. The extensive memory of the T68i means you can store many more pictures of your choice and preview them as thumbnails in your own personal Phone album. For the real image enthusiast, the pre-installed content can be deleted to free-up even more memory for your own images.


Choose a colour image for your screen. Download straight to your phone from the Mobile Internet, take your own with the CommuniCam™ MCA-20 or even create Wallpaper on your PC and send to your phone. The T68i's built-in picture editor also lets you draw your own EMS images.


There are five pre-installed themes - classical, spring, summer, autumn and winter. It's so easy - you can change the look of your phone in a few seconds. You can even replace the wallpaper in a theme with one of your choice.

My sounds

There are 17 pre-recorded melodies in the Sony Ericsson T68i - jingles, film and TV themes, and other well-known tunes. You can use them any way you want - in messages, as ring signals and message alerts. Budding composers can make their own tunes with the virtual one-octave keyboard. With the option key, you can add effects, set the desired tempo, volume, style (legato or staccato) and duration of your composed melody.T68 i

MMS - the new addition of the T68i

With Multimedia messaging you can add a huge variety of content to your messages - colourful images, animation, formatted text and recorded sound clips. Multimedia messages are sent over the mobile Internet using WAP. MMS requires your network operator to provide this service. Once your account is set up and your T68i is configured, you're ready to go.

More Sony Ericsson T68-i features

Business card exchange
vCard support for exchanging electronic business cards.


As you would with a PostIt™ note, you can "stick" a digital reminder to your T68i screen.

Synchronise T68i with online calendar and contacts, with fast Over-the-Air synchronisation.

For full WAP security* WTLS class 1/2/3 and signText.

Arimona, ContraryErix, Four Piles, Naval Fleet, North Territory, Q, Yukon Struggle.

SMS concatenated
Long text messages of up to 1530 characters.

WAP 2.0
(XHTML Basic and XHTML Mobile) + WML 1.3 - the latest WAP standard.

Voice control
Dialling, answering and rejecting with HF, redial, switch profile, record/play memos and
"magic word" functionality.

High Speed Data (HSCSD)*
Fast and reliable WAP, enhanced
by GPRS.

In standby mode, your Sony Ericsson T68i will activate a screensaver after approx. 30 seconds. First, it displays a picture of your choice and then an impressive floating digital clock appears on the screen. Your screensaver can be animated too.

Specifications of the Sony Ericsson T68 i

Product name
Dimensions with Battery
Battery capacity
Weight without battery
Weight with battery
T68i, T68ie
GSM 900/1800/1900 + e-GSM
100 x 48 x 20mm
700 mAh
Standard Battery BST-13 (700 mAh)
60 grams
84 grams
Arctic Blue
Sony Ericsson T68 i MMS Phone with MCA-10 Camera

Type of display
Size of display
Size of display used
Full graphic LCD, 256 colour STN
34 x 28 mm
30.3 x 24 mm
101 x 80 pixels
Number of lines
Type of keypad
Number of keys
Varies depending on font size used
Hard silver-painted plastic
16 + joystick + side key
Talk time
Standby time
Charging times with kit charger
3-12 hrs
195-390 hrs
2hrs with Magnus charger, 1.5h with BML162130
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