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It is now an offence to hold a mobile phone while driving ..>>

Making and receiving calls on your mobile phone while raveling in a car can be fiddly, dangerous and difficult. For your safety and that of your passengers, you should always use a handsfree set, leaving the driver in proper control of the car.

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Samsung S300 SIM Free
TomTom Portable GPS Navigation System

TomTom Portable GPS Navigation System

TomTom offer popular navigation devices and software. One of the best new options on the market, is the TomTom GO 300. This is a a stand alone all-in one navigation system using GPS technology. Just plug it in, switch it on and GO! The TomTom GO 300 offers door-to-door planning of your journey with most European countires coverd. You can download additional maps and updates online via a PC and SD card or through your mobile phone.

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GPS Navigation and entertainment systems

These Car Navigation Systems use a DVD ROM combined with a GPS (General Positioning System) allowing the user to see a local road map as well as the vehicle's position on that map. They also feature multimedia entertainment systems.

These are fully fitted and integrated with the vehicle's speaker system. Power comes from the car's battery and the cables are hidden.

Panasonic DV2000 with VM 1500
Panasonic DV2000 with VA707N
Panasonic DV2300 with VM 5800
Panasonic DV2300 with VA707N

Radar Detectors

A survey conducted by MORI in the UK has revealed that on average, Radar Detector users have 24% fewer accidents than non-users. Please note that it is legal to use these detectors in the UK but laws relating to their ownership and use vary throughout the world. It is the user's responsibility to be aware of such laws.

Buy Radar Detector

mPhone are pleased to offer customers the exceptional range of Beltronics radar detectors:


Buy Bel radar Detector
Samsung V200 SIM Free

Buy Origin O2 Speed Camera system (UK)

The Origin B2 is a state-of-the art Driver Safety Information System. It uses GPS satellite technology combined with unique and patented features to warn drivers of approaching speed cameras, mobile hand held police laser guns, accident black spots, schools and congestion charging. It's compact and not much bigger than a pager.

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