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Buy Bel Vector 966RM Motorbike Radar Detector

Bel Vector 966RM

The Bel Vector 966RM is Bel’s top of the range unit and is regarded as the worlds best performing 'Installed' radar/laser detector. It has been designed specifically for the user who requires a discreet, secure and permanent detection system.

Although primarily manufactured for the UK market, this unit detects units throughout Europe and America. The Bel Vector 966RM is a two piece system comprising of a ‘matchbox size’ display unit, radar antenna box and laser sensor.

The 966RM is especially designed for a Motorbike and has the following additions to the 966R:

  • High intensity LED warning light
  • Slide mount for additional security
  • Weather proof


Buy Bel Vector 966R Radar Detector


About Radar Detector use

A survey conducted by MORI in the UK has revealed that on average, Radar Detector users have 24% fewer accidents than non-users.

Please note that it is legal to use these detectors in the UK but laws relating to their ownership and use vary throughout the world. It is the user's responsibility to be aware of such laws.


Bel Vector 966RM Radar Detector features:

  • Automatic / manual mute-function.
  • Volume control.
  • High density dot-display.
  • Total tracking (optional) laser.
  • Digital signal processing and digital signal strength meter.
  • 360° radar and (optional) laser detection.
  • Ku-Band: 13.450 Ghz.
  • K-Band: 24.125, 24.150 GHz.
  • Ka-Band: 34.000, 34.300, 34.700 GHz.
  • Super-Ka: 33,4 - 36,0 Ghz.
  • Microstrip mixer.
  • Undetectable by VG-2.
  • Fundamental mixer technology for increased detection range.
  • Ultra low noise oscillator for fewer false alerts.
  • Quartz resonator for increased frequency detection.
  • Dim and dark mode for display.
  • Self test function when getting started.
  • Memory-function to save preferred settings.
  • Visor bracket, windshield bracket, hook and loop fastener.
  • Instruction manual
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